The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet

The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet -
The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet -

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility that should not be considered lightly. It is important to choose the right pet for your . When deciding if a cat is or is not suitable for your family, make a list of pros and cons that are specific to cats before adopting in your family.


The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet -

Cats are a little more independent than dogs, in general. If you are spending a night out or even a weekend, you can leave enough food and water and make sure the litter box is clean and then you can leave your cat alone. Cats do not require constant attention from their owners. In fact, some cats prefer to be left alone most of the time. Others if they seek care, but also enjoy having their time alone. Each cat has its own personality, so choose one that matches your needs attention if possible.


The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet -

If you’re looking company, a cat is able to offer it. While some cats prefer to be left alone, the others attached to their owners. Even cats that run and hide when someone comes to visit your home does not have scruples to snuggle in your lap for a nap or push your hand to caress him. Many cats enjoy games in addition to snuggle at bedtime or just for a nap, so if you’re looking for a companion, a cat is a good choice.


The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet -

Unlike many dogs, cats are small and do not need much space. Some cats need a scratching post, but if your cat has claws, cut will not need it either. All you really need is space for a litter box and perhaps a cat litter. Anything else is extra and not required by a cat.


The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet -

Unless you can train your cat to relieve himself outside or in the toilet, owning a cat can be a smelly experience. Some litter boxes are open at the top and allow the smell of cat feces and urine from spreading through the area. This can be alleviated by using sand to absorb odor, use air freshener and cleaning the litter box regularly. If the litter box is not cleaned regularly, not only you have to deal with the smell, but you can finish cleaning disasters in other areas of the house. Many cats will not use a box of very dirty sand.





The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet -

It is important to put a price on various goods and services before committing to owning a cat, as veterinary costs, food and sand. Consider the costs to start if you’ve never had a cat too, including a litter box, scratching post, toys and food dishes. In addition to these predictable costs, you should also be aware that you might encounter unforeseen costs. Your cat may become ill, requiring more visits to the vet, surgery or medication. Ask yourself if you are ready and willing to pay for these things if your cat needs them in the future.


The pros and cons of having a cat as a pet -

Many cats do not enjoy traveling. They will weep and noise all the time that are in a car, making it difficult to travel with them. If you are someone who does not travel or just makes weekend trips or a very short night, you can easily leave your cat at home with the necessary supplies. However, if you are someone who take vacation a week or two regularly, maybe a cat is not your best choice unless you have someone who is willing to come to your home to care for your cat every few days or if you are willing to address it.


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