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Many readers contact me every week to ask for an easy way to make money from home through Internet.

Today I’ll show you the best method available to do so, and with the best bloggers in the world who earn most of their revenue on the Internet by Clickbank.


What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a digital platform where you can find thousands of products to market and make money with them through commissions.

It is a website to make money with affiliate marketing.

Your product market covers all kinds of topics:

  • Art and Entertainment
  • Cooking and meals
  • Education
  • Employment and jobs
  • Games
  • Organic products
  • Health, exercise and sports
  • Home
  • Phones

ANYONE can make money with Clickbank, and what can be done with any theme you like or interested.


How Does Clickbank Work?

With Clickbank you can make money from your home in two ways: as a merchant and as an affiliate.

As a trader is the most complicated method, as you will need to have a unique product and is very, very good for me to get sold.

So in this article I’ll just show you how it works Clickbank affiliate.

The operation is this:

  1. You check in Clickbank.
  2. Choose a product (or more) of others who want to promote.
  3. By choosing this product, you will get a link with your affiliate code.
  4. Every time you recommend this product, and someone to buy your bond, you will earn a commission of up to 75% of the price of that product.
Example : 

You decide to promote a course on garden decoration. This course costs $ 25. And the commission is 60%. If you recommend the course, and they buy 5 people, the total would be $ 125. You would receive 60% of that $ 125, that would be $ 75.

If you are interested in making money with Clickbank affiliate easily then I show you how to do a tutorial that I have prepared for you step by step.

How to make money with Clickbank step by step

Before teaching you how to make money with Clickbank step by step, you should be clear through which sites you want to promote your affiliate links to get people to buy the products you promote, and take your commission.

The places you can do this are:

  • Forums: it is very unlikely that you win some money here with Clickbank, because surely the moderators will delete your links and prohibit return to post any message on this forum, since you are considered spam.
  • In your social networks: here, if you have many followers and share quality content (articles of your own website or blog, posts from other sites …) can you get to make some money, but neither is the recommended option.
  • On your own blog or website: This is the best option to make money with Clickbank. With a blog, you’ll have readers who trust you (and buy products that you recommend them), you will attract more visitors, and it will be easier to promote your affiliate link to earn money. Furthermore, in a blog, you can add other forms of monetization and thus your income will increase more.


Your blog can be on any subject you like and you have enough knowledge to write articles.


Do you like to cook? Make a blog on food and recipes. Are you excited about the bikes? Create a page in which you talk about the different models in the world.

Are you passionate about video games? Start a blog to do reviews on games you played. Are you a big reader? Launches a blog where you comment what you think of the last book you read.

No matter which theme (niche) you choose for your blog: what matters is that you like and you have knowledge to write on the subject.

Clickbank, whatever the theme you choose, there will be products that you can sell on your site.

If you wish to read the whole article, you can do that or if you wish to watch the video which describes the rest article, you can do that too. Choice is yours. Below video is for “How to Register and Make money on clickbank”


How to promote your link in your blog affiliate

To promote your affiliate link in your blog, you can do this in several ways.


Option # 1: With a promotional item

The best option of all is doing an article to give your opinion of the product itself. It tells of what the product is, what advantages and benefits are obtained if purchased, etc.

You can even find online information and testimonies of others who have already bought it, and add them to your article.

And of course, you should include a clear button on the article with your affiliate link for your readers to buy the product from Clickbank.


Option # 2: With an ad

Another way is to put an ad in one of the sidebars of your blog.

You can put an image related to the product, and your affiliate link in that image, so that when someone click on that picture, he redirected directly to the product page so you can buy it.

Below is a picture with an example of a weight loss blog writing articles on that topic, and next have an ad selling a course.


Option # 3: Through email

If you have a list of subscribers to your blog, Send them an email informing them of that product from Clickbank, and telling us your opinion about it, what is, etc.

This technique is very similar to writing an article, but in this case the promotional channel would be through e-mail, and not directly to your blog.



Option # 4: In your social networks

When you open your blog, be sure to also make an account on Twitter and Facebook to promote it. In these social networks you can share not only items you post every day but also your Clickbank product with your affiliate link.

Remember that you must keep your site up to date, and add new content (publish new posts) occasionally. This will help you become an authority in your market you get more sales and more opportunities.



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