Just over a year ago, October 31, 2014, the ship of Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two broke down during one of his test flights, which caused a serious accident that killed the pilot and copilot serious damage, who can no longer fly. Since then, Virgin Galactic entered a period of restructuring, where they had to change a lot of what is already planned.



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This week the tycoon Richard Branson broke the silence, to mention that the project of bringing tourists to the limits of outer space continues, since the new version of the Spaceship Two is ready and will begin testing in February next year, in order to start commercial flights in the same year.


Virgin does not want to go out of business in the future

In 2014 everything was ready, testing the ship Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two had been successful since they began in 2013, it opened the reservations where 700 people paid $ 200,000 for travel to more than 100 thousand meters for know the limits of outer space. The inaugural trip was planned for December 2014 that, where of course Ricard Branson would be part of the first crew of eight passengers.

The accident caused the end of October that everything is delayed, even he thought the project would be canceled. But in January 2015, Branson said that Virgin Galactic continued, with a “strong commitment to safety and a renewed sense of responsibility “. He also disclosed that during the past 12 months, the Virgin Galactic team has worked hard to renew the security systems of the ship, all intended to pay tribute to Mike and Pete, who are considered as the first astronauts Private world.

Competition within the commercial space travel has intensified in recent years, with SpaceX Elon Musk to the head, which today has partnerships with many of the space agencies, and already has plans ready for deploy its fleet of space taxis Crew Dragon. On the other hand we have Blue Origin, the founder and president of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has delayed its tests until 2016.

And finally Vigin Galactic, which throughout 2014 was accused of being too aggressive , unrealistic deadlines, impossible deadlines to meet, technical problems, despite warnings from employees, is continuing with the plan, prompting the SpaceShip Two accident a year ago.

The calendar is already marked, February will be the month when Virgin Galactic resume their tests, and that day we will know more details of the flights start officially as well as the possibility of opening new reserves.