There is no doubt that one of the star news this year for whatever reason being the sunset of Adobe Flash, which already started 2015 on the wrong foot , but after the many vulnerabilities found in the scandal of hacking HackingTeam companies like Mozilla or Facebook are finishing the final nails to nail his coffin.

That’s why guys CommitStrip, a blog in which humorous vignettes related to the world of developers are published, published a few days a very illustrative in which he shows us how it has been the past and which could be the future that awaits this once-popular technology.

You see, in the vignette the most significant events occur, since the birth of Adobe Flash to the slam in his face that has given Firefox a few days ago, passing the first major blow to Steve Jobs gave in 2010 or the emergence of HTML5. All to reach a future that may suffer the same fate as Internet Explorer. What do you think?

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