The Terrafugia Flying Car Wants To Be The Future of Transportation, But It Is Still A Concept


It is being done along the way to Terrafugia, a company that we expect more. And do not quite realize what they have spent many years developing and devising:  A flying car. In this way, others have beaten them to the right, we have a good example in AeroMobil boys.

Okay, creating a flying car is not a one day job, but we have seen many concepts into functional prototypes, leaving the smell of vaporware. That is the state we would have liked to know in TF-X, the vehicle of Terrafugia, but we ran into an animation in which we can only discover its intentions.

It sounded good in 2008, when we were told that the vehicle you had a couple of years to be real. The reality is that called the attention of many, and in this time have been able to raise money to finance campaigns, and make nice promotional material:

This time dare to include it star in the world of vehicle specification, which is none other than the “autonomous mode “which must be accompanied by a vertical takeoff – two propellers, electric motor – a flying speed exceeding 200 miles per hour and a range of over 800 kilometers.

Competition in Aeromobil beaten for autonomy and versatility lost on takeoff, but apart from that still can not buy, is something real, not a concept created with inforgrafía. In addition, they also work on granting autonomy in their operations.

We trust that Terrafugia, which is not a company that is dedicated to computer graphics, show us their flying car soon, or something tangible that allows us to take them seriously. The idea quite promising.