The venom of a Brazilian wasp helps cure cancer

The venom of a Brazilian wasp helps cure cancer -
The venom of a Brazilian wasp helps cure cancer -

Sao Paulo (Brazil) there is an insect named as Paulista Polybia a Brazilian wasp could help to cure cancer through its painful sting and poison it generates.

What makes this wasp specifically secrete a toxin that attacks tumor cell membranes without affecting the rest and are fully able to differentiate between cells that are healthy and which are not.

It had long venom, Brazilian wasp could help cure cancer had drawn the attention of the scientific community because of their power and complexity, but has been now when it has been discovered the amount of qualities that these small possess inside.

Paul Beales,  coauthor of the study and a researcher in molecular biology from the University of Leeds has remarked that ” cancer therapies that attack the lipid composition of the cell membrane could lead to a whole new class of anticancer drugs. “

The venom of a Brazilian wasp helps cure cancer -

It could be useful in developing new combination therapies, where various drugs are used simultaneously to treat cancer, attacking different parts of the cancer cell at a time ” continues Beales.

At the moment research on Brazilian wasp could help cure cancer  continues, also with the support of the Brazilian Government and the European Commission, which will continue to provide assistance in the form of funding for the project.

[Source: Biophysical Journal ]

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