These NASA photographs show for the first time the hidden side of the moon illuminated -
These NASA photographs show for the first time the hidden side of the moon illuminated -

It is amazing to know that every time we look at the sky in search of the moon, the face we see is always the same. This is because the period of rotation of the natural satellite of our planet, makes it always looks the same, that is, there is no way on Earth to see the so-called “dark side”.

But now thanks to the EPIC camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite located 1.6 million km from Earth, it’s like, for the first time in history , we have a series of photographs showing us the dark side of the moon illuminated by the Sun as “flies” our planet.


Literal an epic photography

The series captured by the camera and famous Polychromatic Earth Imaging Camera (EPIC), its picture was responsible for a few days to show the first complete picture of the Earth in more than 40 years ago, and today it makes a history again.

The photographs were taken last July 16 for a period of nearly four hours, showing the passage of the moon between Earth and the sun, causing the light from the sun illuminates the dark side of the moon and be able to admire in all its glory. In previous occasions it has been able to photograph the dark side, but this is the first time it does with lighting, hence its importance.

Adam Szabo , DSCOVR project scientist said: “Our planet is really bright in space compared with the surface of the Moon”.


EPIC is a camera four megapixel integrated telescope and is installed on the satellite DSCOVR is responsible for photographing the illuminated part of the earth, with intent to know the behavior of our planet through the vegetation, cloud height and in general everything that happens in the atmosphere.Through these photographs, scientists are able to study the planet and its variations during one day.

The advantage of this camera is certainly its distance since you can offer spectacular catches from time to time, as on this occasion.


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