Things to know before hiring your first employee

Things to know before hiring your first employee -

Many entrepreneurs need to hire staff to do part of the work needed to move forward with its business plan. But there are many factors to consider before hiring an employee.

The first thing to consider before hiring an employee is whether we really need to hire someone. In this regard, we must assess whether the work is may contract with a company or freelance, as well as the number of hours you really need to hire that person, if necessary.

Another important point to be determined relates to what will be its functions, as well as other complementary functions you can perform in their working hours.

Things to know before hiring your first employee - tinoshare.comAnother important aspect that should not be overlooked is the training of workers and their willingness and ability to continue learning. In this sense, it is necessary to have previously established the fundamental requirements which we seek, both as regards their curriculum and their personal skills are.

Moreover, the job description, it is necessary to establish the basis of the salary range established agreements to determine profitability.

In case you need qualified candidates for a job, the previous point is especially important.

Especially important is the revision of the curriculum of the candidates. The curriculum is necessary to assess, on the one hand, training and other professional experience. Moreover, it is interesting to analyze other training or experience, although it has nothing to do with what is sought, since it helps to get an idea of how that person is, what their interests, their level of commitment, interest keep learning, etc.

Equally important it is to review the social activity of the candidates, including social networks, comments on blogs and forums, publications, maintaining a blog itself, etc. In this regard, it is important to assess the interest candidates into their ownpersonal best and see how it treats former employers, among others.

As for the letter, this provides interesting information on the preparation of the candidate, their interest in working for your company and its approach their own personal and professional value.

I highly suggest to spend time to watch these professional videos below for more information.

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