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This desk allows you to work lying - Comfort -
This desk allows you to work lying - Comfort -

They told us to work so many hours sitting was detrimental to our health, and that made the appearance of tables to work up to become a small phenomenon that helped troubled by this circumstance to adopt new mechanics working in their day to day.

We made our own assessment of such tables and the truth is that the results did not convince us, but the concept is attractive to many users, although its validity is questionable according to some studies. Of: a fun alternative appears now however work lying: fulfilled your dream to order?


So comfortable you’ll stay asleep?

The company has created the call Altwork Station, a desk composed of a chair and a table structure and support for display that is especially noteworthy because it is permitted to just that: work totally lying.

The developers of this solution raises four different ways to use it, and in one of them, which they call “Focus”, the user is completely resting on the couch for the whole structure suited to that position. To prevent objects from falling off the table in Altwork up a series of magnets that keep mouse-here the ideal is probably to use a trackball or trackpad-, keyboard and other peripherals in place.

In Altwork they believe that it was time that the position of work evolve, something he had not done since typewriters eventually become a fundamental tool of office work in the late nineteenth century.The idea is curious, but not cheap, and Altwork Station costs $ 5,900, although the promotional offer that price reduces to $ 3,900. The danger, perhaps, be so comfortable in that position durmiéndote finish peacefully.