This Is Nissan 370Z and Is Not a Manga Comic | Cars


AIMGAIN personalize the Nissan 370Z Roadster Jap emphasizing its design to the extreme. True, the 370Z series is already a flashy car, with a very oriental and personal design, but what these coaches have done with him leaves me speechless. Maybe it’s functional, but certainly is striking.

For starters have thrown down the body of the 370Z , they have given enormous wheels that move outrageous and have adjusted the dimensions to give a negativísimas falls (even if lean in curves this car tires eat inside or yes ). And then we have the body kit, which is no small feat.

Bumper completely redesigned, with an oversized front splitter in the middle of curves up and if you look at the 370 side seems you are sticking out his tongue. The rear includes a huge diffuser with pipes and we can see two exhaust large diameter rear spoiler.


Features and approved consumption
Maximum speed (km / h) 250
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 5.3
Acceleration 0-1000 m (s)
Recovery 80-120 km / h in 4th (s)
Urban consumption (l / 100 km) 15.3
Extra-urban consumption (l / 100 km) 7.9
Average consumption (l / 100 km) 10.6
CO 2 (g / km) 248
Emissions standards Euro V
Dimensions, weight, capacity
Body Type Coupe
Number of doors 3
Length / width / height (mm) 4250/1845/1315
Battle / front track – Rear (mm) 2550/1550 – 1595
Coefficient Cx / frontal area (m 2 ) / resistance factor 0.29 / – / –
Weight (kg) 1571
Tank Type:
Fuel Gasoline (liters) 72
Trunk volume:
Trunk volume (liters) 235
Number of places / Distribution of seats 2/2
Combustion engine
Fuel Gasoline
CV maximum power – kW / rpm 328 – 241/7000
Maximum torque Nm / rpm 363/5200
Situation Longitudinal front center
Number of cylinders 6 – For V
Material block / cylinder head Aluminium / Aluminium
Bore x stroke (mm) 95.5 x 86.0
Displacement (cm 3 ) 3696
Compression ratio 11.0 to 1
Distribution 4 valves per cylinder. Two camshafts in each cylinder head
Feeding IDI
Automatic engine start-stop (“Stop / Start”) No
Traction Rear
Gearbox Manual, 6-speed
Clutch type
Type of device
Developments (km / h to 1,000 rpm)
1st 8.9
2nd 14.4
3rd 20.7
4th 26.4
5th 33.6
6th 42.3
R 9.8
Front Suspension (structure / spring) Parallelogram / helical spring
Rear suspension (structure / spring) Parallelogram / helical spring
Stabilizer bar (front / rear) Yes Yes
Front brakes (diameter mm) Ventilated disc (355)
Rear brakes (diameter mm) Ventilated disc (350)
Street Address:
Kind Zipper
Assistance Hydraulics
Assistance according to speed No
Gear ratio in function of the speed No
Nonlinear demultiplication No
Gearing address
Four-wheel steering No
Turning circle between curbs / walls (m) – / 10.6
Turns lock to lock 2.6
Front tires 225/50 R18
Rear tires 245/45 R18
Front wheels 8.0 x 18
Rear wheels 9.0 x 18


But eye to the widening of the body to achieve clog the wheels, is made of riveted panels that give than if it were made more sporty and aggressive touch.Besides the wheel arches are cut on the back, a very personal and Jap detail for this Nissan.Engine nothing is said, but we are satisfied with this aesthetic.