This Is The First Electric Bicycle Piaggio

This Is The First Electric Bicycle Piaggio -
This Is The First Electric Bicycle Piaggio -

Made of aluminum, the first electric bike manufacturer Piaggio (with permission of the Piaggio Albatross) is a statement of intent. As for urban cycling with those of an electric bicycle features, yes, but also added a number of features that are related to connectivity and personalization of pedaling.

Presented at the last Salon de la Moto in Milan (EICMA), it is expected to enter into production soon to be commercially available next year. We will see what price (but that, as Michel wrote Ende, is another story). For now, this is what Piaggio presents under the title tasteless Piaggio Electric Bike Project .

The manufacturer speaks of a very compact engine from 250 W to 350 W, designed with the mind set on the pedal. This powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides between 60 and 120 km of autonomy.

This Is The First Electric Bicycle Piaggio -

It seems to have not wanted to risk too much to close the cradle of their autonomy. The manufacturer insists that depends on the settings chosen pedaling (something which I speak below) and other external conditions well known. The energy capacity of the battery is 400 Wh .

How could it be otherwise, in its transmission are not chain strap. It comes equipped with an electronic exchange and hydraulic disc brakes 180 and 160 millimeters.

Piaggio Electric Bike Project This Is The First Electric Bicycle Piaggio -

You put Watts

As we say, the Piaggio Electric Bike Project stands out for other benefits, mainly related to customizing pedaling. Dynamic Support system (DEA) allows the rider to set the level of power assist at a rate that depends on the strength that we bring us.

In other words, we who decided the work that will bring in watts for a certain cadence or speed.With this information, the Piaggio adapted assistance at that level. Such a function will be the delight of those as Chris Froome, obsessed with their own power.

Piaggio Electric Bike Project 4 This Is The First Electric Bicycle Piaggio -

It is possible to manage it through our smartphone connected to the so-called Bluetooth Piaggio Multimedia Platform or with handlebar controls or by voice commands (this could pose some risk if pranksters fellow cyclists pedaled with something).

The electric bike has an intelligent browser Piaggio able to turn to specific routes taken from websites or forums where other riders have hung their routes, with information as valuable as altimetry be the same or the battery level we could get need to overcome.

In addition, during the route we can mark points of interest, comment on the state of the road (or track or path). This information will be dumped in a database online and publicly available. If we get distracted and we extend our route has an alert system to warn us in advance that we will stay out of juice , ie, without autonomy.

In the development of the Piaggio Multimedia Platform are also taken into account other very important features for the cyclist, as the weather forecast, or some other characteristics related to a more sporty use, not as consistent , though, with the design of this bike power.

For example, it is also able to cherish and compare data about our weight, heart rate and caloric expenditure. That is, it points to the possibility of a virtual partner , something perhaps too intense for urban and chic design is intended.