This Is The Official List Of New Features, Changes And Errors Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149

This Is The Official List Of New Features, Changes And Errors Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 - -
This Is The Official List Of New Features, Changes And Errors Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 - -

A couple of days ago Microsoft released the final public build of Windows 10 Mobile, number 10149 , which already can be installed by all members of the Insider program that have a supported phone. As was already mentioned in the morning based on leaked information, this new build includes many new features and improvements that users will appreciate.

Many of them and inform the report on catches filtered , but Microsoft official note of reports on some more that may interest several, along with detailing which are also already solved persistent errors and errors that accompany this release .

The biggest mistake of all

First of all, we want to reiterate the information about the error “blank lock screen” that we have already discussed in another post. Once we update the build 10149 will see the lock screen equipmentwithout the date and time , and will be “stuck”, preventing unlock the terminal. It should be left well and wait, because the problem will resolve itself in about 10 minutes . You just have to be patient.

It is very important not restart the phone while the lock screen is in trouble, because that can put it to “brick”.

Official news

Win10 Engadget Mobile

  • As we advanced, Project Spartan has changed its name to Microsoft Edge , and the address bar again in the bottom of the screen, which facilitates the use of the computer with one hand. In addition it allows you to choose between viewing the sites in Mobile or Desktop. Unfortunately, as a side effect of this change we have to want to do upgrade to this build lose all their bookmarks, history, cookies and reading list because Microsoft Edge uses an “application identifier” different.

We are facing a much more stable and polished build new

  • Improved user experience. Another change that had already leaked to the public: we are facing a much more stable, fast and slick in terms of new build experience. That translates, for example, new animations, where the tiles to the home screen icons no longer have blurred, the volume bar and use new icons, and generally the operating system more responsive to all our actions.
  • Cortana improvements. The notebook Cortana and offers a more seamless experience accessing the profile and configuration, and re-enter the option “Quiet Hours” (or do not disturb mode).

The new system animations are nice and attractive

  • . Flashlight and improvements to the Action Center also overtook it in the morning : Notification Center (or Action Center) now offers more space for shortcuts in the expanded mode, and allows one to quickly activate the flashlight phone (either by flash, or putting in standby).
  • Improvements in the Photos app. This is strictly speaking not a novelty of the build itself, but an update of the app that is being released through the Windows Store. Among the new features is the support for GIFs in phones with more than 1GB of RAM, the power to access stored photos, screenshots and reel camera directly from the page “Albums”. There are also improvements in performance and stability.
  • Automatic backup of photos by onedrive. A function of Windows Phone 8.1 which was lost, but now he’s back. Of course, it is no longer built into the system, it works by applying onedrive.
  • Other application updates. Microsoft reminds us that many of my system are being updated independently of the operating system by Windows Store, so we can deliver news faster to users.

Problems already solved

  • It fixed a bug that was from build 10051 and prevented the filter calls and SMSs malfunction.
  • Before it could happen that no notifications appear for incoming text messages. It has also been solved.
  • The application of podcasts now works correctly.
  • Several problems that prevented the download or install applications from the store are resolved.
  • An issue that prevented hide the navigation bar (back buttons, Home, and search) in some phones is resolved.

Known bugs and missing to solve

  • Some users may have problems when you upgrade from the 10136 to build this (mistake 80,091,007). There is still no solution to this, and the only alternative for those who want to install the build 10149 is to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 through Windows Phone Recovery Tool , and then upgrade directly to the latest build.
  • The Insider Hub is not available in this build, but will reappear in future compilations.
  • Sometimes the PIN pad not appear when attempting to unlock the lock screen up. One solution to this is to invoke the notification center (sliding your finger down on the top edge of the screen) and then click on the “All options”. This PIN pad itself should appear on the screen.
  • Serious but rare problem that can happen when you enter your PIN to unlock the phone we are asked again and again submit, instead of unlocked. If that is our case, we must leave the phone “at peace” for 1 or 2 hours before trying to unlock it again. If we do not follow this instruction, the situation may worsen, and the phone is at risk of being in a state of “brick”.
  • If we added a Gmail account may be that the Messaging application have problems sending and receiving messages. We can try to solve this by restarting the computer.
  • The operating system does not yet support in-app purchases, and to install previously purchased games and applications may occur to be downloaded as trial versions, instead of full versions.
  • Sometimes the colors of some applications may be displayed incorrectly. For example, the title bar in the Outlook application appears in orange color.
  • Sometimes the list Action Center notifications may appear blank by mistake.

Personally I’ve been using the build for a couple of hours on a Lumia 520 and I think that if it is true that the performance and stability are much better than in previous versions, yet take for Windows 10 Mobile can become our “fellow all day “ , especially on computers with less power and RAM.