This New Economy Seats is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Economy Class - -
This New Economy Seats is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Economy Class - -

All those who have had the opportunity to fly in economy class, we know that over time, airlines and manufacturers have sought ways to offer less to more people, this means loss of comfort, elimination of food on board, spaces increasingly smaller, anyway. But what we’re about to see, just do not have a name.

If Airbus had already won the prize for the most ruthless company proposing rows of 11 seats, Zodiac Seats France has just snatched that position and masterfully, since according to the patent that has just been granted, proposes a new configuration of the seats are placed in a hexagonal shape. Yes, even seems a joke.



Fly economy class is about to be a real nightmare

Look to this patent, called “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon”, it is to maximize the available space between shoulders and legs, since the distribution radically change what we know today. The traditional row of six seats would become seven, and proposes that this distribution have front facing seats and other backward, low distribution one and one.

This New Economy Seats is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Economy Class -

The rationale is that this would no longer have problems with our shoulders, in addition to extra space sides to arms, and front to stretch your legs, light, sounds good on paper, but it would look almost face two people throughout the flight, you are talking about the hated middle seat. This might not be very unpleasant if our traveling companions are friends or relatives, but if it comes to a complete stranger, do not think many enthusiastic about the idea.

To our misfortune, Zodiac Seats France is responsible for selling and installing seats companies like Boeing and Airbus, so now only dependent on these manufacturers to adopt this new seating configuration and in us, pleading that never happens.

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