Tips For Choosing A Good Template / Theme In WordPress

Tips For Choosing A Good Template / Theme In WordPress -
Tips For Choosing A Good Template / Theme In WordPress -

We must choose a good visual template/theme for WordPress that allows us on further customization without editing the code.

When you access a website first thing that comes to us through the eyes is the design, the shape of the site and how it displays the information is the first thing we see and therefore is which depends on the first impression It takes the visitor.

It is therefore very important to define good design for a website, a design that allows us to deliver information in a clear way to readers, without being compelled view or forcing them to seek information from a design too “painful for the sight”.

The appearance of some CSS frameworks like Bootstrap made to appear some themes for WordPress that gave priority to the content, not the container itself.

Here are some things you have to keep in mind when choosing a good template/theme for your WordPress when starting a project:

  • A theme must be flexible, that is, now a theme WordPress with small parameter changes should be completely changed, that makes it adaptable to any type of project.
  • A theme should be responsive and adaptable to different types of screens and multimedia devices that can load the website, currently this is not optional, it’s mandatory.
  • A theme for WordPress should have several template/theme  or page layouts that allow us to change the structure of content depending on the needs of the content, which is not the same as a contact page that a post of a blog.
  • A theme should have cantosos color behind the content, that is, as background , it can hamper reading too much information from readers, visitors and customers. A good theme let you control the 100% theme colors.
  • A good theme let you place widgets in more places than in the sidebar , because with this you can adapt the design of the theme to the needs of your project without having to edit the template/theme  code.
  • WordPress editor can sometimes fall short if you do not know HTML + CSS, for that reason there are some complete visual editors such as Visual Composer to help you have an enviable structure content in any circumstance.

With these basic tips you get a theme that will serve as excellent base for any project, a good start for a project can grow.

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