Tips For Getting A Job In The World Of Finance


If you’re one of the many professionals seeking to enter the world of finance, in this article you will get a very basic effective tips on the job of finance. 

At present there are many graduates who intend to engage in the world of finance, which has become an extremely competitive market, reveals the portal – Hire Social. To stand out above the other candidates, Magali McIntyre, founder of, offers a number of tips for getting a job in the financial world:


Getting a job in finance:

1- Get an internship

Today, many global banks that are recruiting analysts among its practitioners, because they are intended to have candidates who have proven to have what it takes to do the job. In addition, an internship will allow you to begin to know in depth the world they intend to enter.

2- Get most competitive practices


Tips-For-Getting-A-Job-In-The-World-Of-Finance---tinoshare.comIf you intend to access the most competitive market practices is essential to count on previous internships which have acquired skills that can be valuable for the institution to which you intend to enter.

3- Learn skills to differentiate

To be useful in an industry need to identify the skills or knowledge that will allow you to stand out above the rest; once you are clear what you should strive to deepen and implement them. You should also be able to demonstrate that you are there to help and you can get up and running quickly.

4- Investigate industry

Sometimes it happens that we do not know too much about the industry we intend to enter, in this situation it is advisable to make an investigation. The best strategy is to consult with people who have been part of the industry and they can offer you a clear view on all relevant points.

5- Designing a good curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae is responsible for generating the first impression on the recruiters, so it is important that it properly designed. To achieve this we offer a number of recommendations that must not be forgotten:

– Clear and concise design.
– Easy to read.
– Highlight your most valuable experience.
– Detailed reports that can bring experience to the position that is at stake.
– Mention the main achievements.
– Remove details that make the difference.

6- Adapt to the pace of the industry

– in the world of finance is so rapid that it is necessary that all team members can adapt to that condition, why what employers seek to have with young workers, fast, honest and willing to learn. To stay with the position of employment, during the interview you should be able to demonstrate that you possess all that is needed to properly fulfill all the responsibilities.

7- Build a broad network of contacts

During your internship you should use to work with the largest possible number of professionals; demonstrate curiosity, eagerness to learn and willingness to help. This approach will help you win a huge amount of contacts that can offer great benefits at some point in your career.