Tips | How to become a personal finance advisor

Tips | How to become a personal finance advisor -

Personal financial advisors help clients achieve their financial goals, offering advice on saving money, portfolio management and investment selection.

They can manage the financial resources of its customers by providing financial guidance, conducting investment analysis and conduct research on the financial situation of a company, in order to help clients grow their funds. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US, in 2009 about 29 personal finance consultants have worked for themselves. The consulting industry is competitive personal finance because of the opportunity to earn high wages.

How to become a personal finance advisor:

Going to college.

To become a personal finance consultant, you need at least a bachelor’s degree. It is important to take classes that help with the development of interpersonal skills, math and analytical. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP) provides that a college degree can be in any large, but it has to be from a college or university accredited by the US Department of Education. Some good notes for a finance consultant personal include accounting, law, financial analysis and financial advice.

Complete the stay-Registered Education Program of the CFP.

There are about 100 financial issues that need to know to become a consultant and teacher of personal finance. Topics include safety, planning, risk management, insurance and investment plans.



Gain professional experience.

Work experience must be in the process of financial planning, such as the preparation of financial plans for a client, to help people who are consultants to teach personal finance or personal financial planning.

Pass the CFP certification.

Divided into three sections, the CFP exam takes 10 hours to complete. The questions are multiple choice and test their ability to apply financial planning knowledge they have learned to real situations. CSF tests administered three times a year throughout the US — March, July and November.

Pass a criminal background check and meet the eligibility requirements for applicants and registrants. Fitness standards include not having failures in the previous five years. You will receive a license to work as a consultant in personal finance after accepting the PPC code of ethics, standards of conduct and standards of practice.