5+ Tips | Influence Marketing On Instagram


With a community of more than 400 million active users, Instagram has become the platform of visual marketing that every company should use, from startups to world – famous brands.

The latest algorithm update Instagram, (the post now displayed depending on the engagement they have with the user), makes paid advertising and marketing influence become the hot topic, and influencers are now the new celebrities recognized worldwide.

What is the Marketing of influence?

It is not something new but is based on word of mouth recommendations to which social networks have given them a new marketing approach in more technical.

Brands can use influence marketing strategy to collaborate with relevant influencers and take advantage of the creativity of their content and their thousands or millions of faithful followers. As a new entrepreneur, an alliance with an influencer will boost the visibility of your brand, increasing its recognition of an organic and authentic way.

Who are these influencers?

One of the most exciting aspects of the marketing influence on Instagram is the incredible mix of people that make it up, covering almost every possible niches, of all parts of the world.

For example, personal trainers use Instagram to share their workout routines, the fashion bloggers show their favorite outfits and garments, artists share their work illustrations, and chefs use Instagram to share their recipes and so on.

Marketing of influence in 5 steps

Finding an influencer and establishing a partnership with it can be difficult to achieve. For best results use this five-step process:

1. Investigate

You can learn a lot from other brands. Find out what works for them, get inspired with the different types of content they publish and analyze which ones generate more social actions by the user: likes, comments, etc.

For this, you can use Whalar Labs, a tool that allows you to see metrics of your Instagram page and compared with other accounts to see the differences.

whalar_labsIt is also a good idea to investigate other brands, even if they are not your direct competition, that may have an audience with demographic characteristics similar to yours.

If your brand has a story to back it up, use it. The roots of a business can propel someone to trust in their products.

Finally, a good reference point is the business blog Instagram. Regularly publish case studies of brands that have achieved success in this social network, and announce new resources and tools.

2. Determine an outline or brief work

Your campaign will be more successful if you allow influencers are free to produce their content according to the knowledge they have of their audience. It is important to follow a brief to make go according to your goals, but try to give them that creative freedom, because it will be key to a successful relationship with them.

The main purpose of the brief is to provide a general aesthetic influencers content you want to share and why you want them to recognize your brand.

3. Choose only relevant influencers

When you already have a clearer picture of what you want to accomplish, the next step is to find relevant influencers. Making the best decision regarding this profile is vital to the success of your campaign.

There are influencers for almost all types of markets: fashion, lifestyle, fitness, pastries, etc. One of the main ways of finding people is to look for related hashtags and check if the post that has a high engagement includes (many comments and likes). You can also find influencers in accounts of other brands. Search publications in which is included the true creator of content and visit a profile.

It can be a little difficult to find relevant influencers without using enough time researching. To expedite the process you can reuse Whalar. You can find influencers by topic, location, engagement, conversions, etc.

choose_relevant_suitable_influencers_image_1024x10244. Determine a partnership structure

When you already have in mind influencers with whom you want to work, you’ll need to agree on a partnership structure. There are five key things you should negotiate:

  • Work period. Go ahead and determine a deadline. This is crucial to have a clear relationship from the start.
  • Content. You must be clear with what you want to produce. For example, two pieces of content, one with a clear mention of your brand and products, and other more discreet in your products appear with a label.
  • Use of Content.  You need to leave clear the rights to use the content. The influencer always retains ownership of content as creator, but usually with a duration of two years.
  • Payment.  Almost all influencers require an advance for his services. Occasionally they will be willing to negotiate the amount of money or accept a product as part of the rate. Note that you will pay for several services: creating content, right to use and access to their public.
  • Hashtag sponsored.  Lately, it is talking a lot about whether to notify or not the published content has been previously paid, and in several countries has been imposed as a mandatory condition. That’s why we suggest you to be cautious and use the hashtag #Ad. Do not worry, it will not affect the performance of the content or the response from the client.

5. Maximize the value of content

Get additional value of the promoted Instagram content to use it on other channels, provided they have permission from their creators:

  • Publish content on the product page of your online store
    you can post the content of influencers directly on the product pages. Not only it will look good to the eye but also have a positive social proof of your products.
  • Publish as Facebook Ad
    By using the contents of an influencer, you can update your campaigns regularly.
  • Post on social networks
    to have more variety of content on your social networks also shares those that have been created by the influencers with whom you collaborate.