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Google changes its algorithms very often thus on guarantee higher and more accurate results. If you’ve got a minimum SEO data you may have detected regarding the famed penguin and Panda updates.

If you check the most recent updates you may notice that penguin supports top quality content whereas Panda is largely sinking caliber content. These updates implement varied changes, typically minor that won’t even be noticed  and sometimes major which will fully destroy the SEO of a website!

For that reason it’s essential to stay up to this point a minimum of with the foremost vital formula updates, as some techniques that you simply use might become terribly risky and eventually hurt your web site.

How are you able to perceive if your web site is being penalized?

If your web site suddenly stops occurrence within the SERP’s for your chosen keywords or phrases, or it’s lost plenty of its traffic with no a reason and can’t provide signs of recovery, then it’s quite doable that it’s been penalized by Google.

Sometimes it’s simple to pass though a Google penalty whereas some others it will be quite tough or perhaps not possible to try and do so ensuing to a whole shutdown of your website!

In that case there’s a check list that an SEO professional has got to follow therefore as to determine the probable reasons why a web site has been punished along side variety of suggestions on the way to proceed in its situation.

Duplicate content


Check the Meta Tags, the link anchors, the full copy in general everything which will be duplicated. Though having a duplicate content won’t get penalized directly, not fixing it’ll eventually result to a penalty.

Write all the mandatory components from the start or make use of a rel canonical tag.

Hidden Text/Texts/Articles


 Check for any hidden text on your web site. as an example creating the font color invisible to your guests or the other black hat technique.

Website visitors/traffic won’t notice it however the programme bots can.

Keyword Stuffing

Make sure that you simply haven’t overused your targeted keywords. Check your keyword densities. an equivalent keyword in a very address or within the same paragraph of a page can attract Google’s attention World Health Organization might find yourself penalizing you.

So continually try and keep your content natural, original and informational.

Overusing of H1 tags

The H1 tag may be a clear indicator for Google on what’s found thereon page. Excessive use of the H1 tag in a very specific page can be seen as a shot to cheat Google’s Listing with keywords.

Affiliation and Advertising

It is an indisputable fact that affiliate sale and marketing and advertisements are a awfully vital supply of financial gain however if you make it you may lose rather more. Google does not like websites with several ads because it believes that it’s managed by somebody who cares just for cash and not the particular user expertise. conjointly the upper the bounce rate the less Google can like your web site.

Hacked Content

If your website has been hacked, Google can quickly take away it from SERPs. Act quickly to safeguard your web site from hacking makes an attempt and continually keep a backup to be ready for the worst.

Spam Backlinks and link building

First and foremost ne’er purchase or sell backlinks because the latest google algorithms have triggered several penalties for several websites as a result they were trying to use paid links.

Also you want to be enough careful thus on not add an excellent variety of backlinks in a very short amount of your time as a result of Google thinks you’re using dedicated software package to accomplish this.

Additionally, if you get a link back from punished websites you may presumably find yourself facing an equivalent situation.

Finally ensure that your backlinks are all relevant to each your content and your niche.

What to try and do if your web site is penalized?


First of all wait and don’t panic.

Try to correct all attainable issues which will have caused the penalty. If you notice that the penalty derives from troublesome links raise Google to not take them into consideration by exploitation the deny tool.

After cleansing your web site check that you submit a replacement sitemap thus on offer Google a notice that your content is new and recent. Then you want to wait till the search engines bots crawl your web site once more.

If, however, Google decides to not take away the penalty from your web site, you may sadly got to get a replacement domain, transfer everything there and begin promoting it from the start.


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