Tonecraft Has Created A 3D Music By Adding Blocks In A 3 Dimensional Map -
Tonecraft Has Created A 3D Music By Adding Blocks In A 3 Dimensional Map -

Yes, the title seems strange, but that’s what they propose in tonecraft, a website where you can create music by adding blocks in a three-dimensional map and now you can even try.

Depending on the position of the block, the tone will be one or the other, it being possible to repeat it in the same line or create multiple simultaneous tones. To change color with the left menu, add new types of sound, and can be superimposed blocks, so the combinations are virtually endless.

Being able to put blocks of various colors creating as if it were a layman, you may also use it as a building game, getting figures that create unique music.

Speed is not the only thing that can be changed, a small detail that is not much less check. We can, though, turning the panel, delete blocks and perform other actions via the keyboard.

This is an experiment for Chrome that aims to demonstrate the possibilities of modern audio resources, experiment created by, where other applications related to the world of sound.

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