Tools and ideas for promotional sales

Tools and ideas for promotional sales -
Tools and ideas for promotional sales -

The  promotional  sales programs are designed to give an incentive for customers to buy a product immediately. The promotional sales tools include coupons, premiums and demonstrations outlets.  When you launch a product or service, or try to increase sales of a product or service already exists, business owners should consider sales promotional activities as a regular part of the marketing plan. 

However, remember that the key to successful marketing promotions are limited time offers to a specific audience of potential customers. 


Coupons are a common tool in promotional sales. Most companies offer a percentage or a specific discount that encourages customers to buy a product. If you are launching a product or service, give customers a coupon for increasing sales pitch. For this to be effective promotion includes a coupon limit to time. Combine this promotional sales tool opportunities one by one. For example, Offer potential customers a coupon for launch at the end of a sales proposal to encourage them to buy it at the time instead of buying it later.

POS demonstrations

Coupons also work with shows selling point. Giveing samples (called as free try) of food in supermarkets and shopping malls is an example of this promotion. Showing promotions on POS also work with other product. Software companies often give a limited use of the new software and the specialists can give a free initial consultation time. The idea is that after using your product and see how it meets your needs, the customer is more willing to buy.


Premiums are extras that are added to make a purchase more attractive to a customer. For example:

  • A software company can add a customer to buy an expensive software program one year of free technical support.
  • The fast food companies offer special toys in food of children.
  • The supply of raw gives the business owner the opportunity to partner with other businesses, creating a wider target audience.

If you are the owner of a financial consulting service Intégrate a financial software company that offers a free 30-minute consultation to its customers. In return, the software company can offer your customers a free application or a basic version of this software. This premium creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. It provides a demonstration to potential customers, references used to present the company to potential customers and give them a useful and free gift to existing customers.