8+ Tools to Remotely Connect to another Computer and Take control


When in some conversation it happens that you dedicate yourself to something related to computers or simply if your family sees you with the technology, you automatically become the computer literate. And everyone begins to ask questions of all kinds. Many times they are easy to solve by telephone, others need to connect to your computer to see first hand the error that appears on the screen. In addition, you may need to take keyboard and mouse control to solve it. Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives we have to connect remotely to another computer.

This option can save you a lot of time, not only when travelling, but when installing a program or reviewing a configuration. In turn, we can facilitate the transfer of files between both teams, make an online presentation, enable a virtual training, sharing with other people our desktop in which we perform different actions … To be a success, the remote connection program has Than to be designed so that it, can be put in place by someone who does not have great computer skills. We have to combine simplicity and functionality. Let’s look at some of the alternatives that meet this condition


TeamViewer offers complete remote support without installation , just run a program that is downloaded from the TeamViewer page itself. This makes it very easy to get started for the first time, since you can even send the link by mail to the person who will receive the assistance to download and, with a double click, run the program.

It is free for non-commercial use and has advanced features, such as the option to turn on the computer remotely, if we have configured the Wake On Lan on the network card and program properly. In addition, it offers solutions for different issues such as online meetings, presentations, training sessions, remote maintenance or gives us additional information about whether a computer has the updated operating system, the firewall off or the space left on the hard disk.

And all this without having to open ports on the router, touch NAT tables or worry about the firewall for communication. In addition, it optimises the bandwidth to have a response that does not have delays or lag between the moment we execute an action and that we visualise it, even with broadband of limited capacity. Finally, it is important to note that we can also use it from the smartphone, both to access other equipment and other mobile terminals.


JoinMe is a very simple option to use with which several people can connect to the same computer without even having to be registered. It has gone from being an extremely simple tool to becoming a real Swiss Knife of remote connections that today allows us to share the screen of our computer, receive and give remote assistance, join a virtual meeting thanks to the possibility of video conferencing or, If we do not have a camera, they are only telephones.

You can join up to five people simultaneously with the free version, with which you can also share the screen, transfer files, transfer the role of presenter to another participant of the conference. Then we have the option to move to payment plans that extend their functionality.

It works fast and well. In addition, they have included mobile applications for Android and iOS, as well as add-ons for other applications such as Outlook, Office 365 or the Chrome browser. Although it seems more focused on sharing information and conducting meetings online, it is still a great alternative to remote support. To highlight the application of blackboard, which can be very interesting to share information between several people.


Ammyy Admin is a widely used tool thanks to the ease of launching it. As with the previous ones, just execute it to give us a user ID that allows the remote connection. It does not require administrator privileges to run. On the contrary, it seems somewhat spartan in its appearance respect to the previous ones.

It is quite flexible for all types of connections, whether they are within the same local network as if they are running between two computers over the Internet. It can be used even if there is a firewall without intercepting communication between the computers. We can have several connections stored. It is perfect for the remote connection, although it misses applications to access from mobile devices.

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