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TOP 10 Best Tips for Dealing With Toxic People | Lifehaker - -
TOP 10 Best Tips for Dealing With Toxic People | Lifehaker - -

It may be a co-worker or University. It can be your best friend or even your partner. The only certainty is that you can be closer than you think of a toxic person you can generate, literally, headaches, malaise and problems with yourself and others.
Many you may be advised to stay away from that relationship “toxic” as soon as possible, but basically you do not know what to do because you do not even realize the damage it does to you. In this article we tell you how to know if you are immersed in an unhealthy relationship. Characteristics of a toxic person sometimes hard to believe that the person we love so much can be toxic to our lives. But the truth is that his company, instead of building and provide positive moments, we generated feelings like anger, sadness, shame, distrust, etc. A toxic person is and acts generally as follows:

It is selfish: you do not mind your being, just yours. We are looking only to solve their problems, but is not there when you’re the one who is going through a difficulty.

  1. Abuses you: have you as abusive behavior call after hours, interrupt your time alone or with others, ask money every so often (without compensation) and not respect your days off or your hours of sleep, etc.
  2. Your family and close friends do not approve this relationship: neither your parents, or your brothers or your friends agree with you to share time with this person, then you notice that your behavior or your mood changes dramatically when you’re around her.
  3. Is she, not you: from one moment to another, you’ll see that relationship only talk about the good and bad of that person, their tastes, their passions, their past, their present, their future? It is as if you did not exist, as if your opinions do not count, as if your plans were not important.
  4. Everything creates conflicts: You seem impossible to a season of peace and tranquility with that person. All around there are only fights, misunderstandings, jealousy, unresolved conflicts, etc. Your relationship with her ​​will generate more stress than joy, you feel sad and stuck in life and suddenly you cannot enjoy a moment of peace and quiet because their problems chasing you and you drown.
  5. Lies: How not feel the slightest respect for you or the relationship you have with it, that person can lie shamelessly without any remorse. You cannot trust her and ask yourself all the time for the truth of what he says or does.
  6. It makes you look bad: you have often felt sorry for the behavior of that person in public, and even many people you have expressed not want to share with her ​​at social gatherings or family activities because they feel uncomfortable in their company. Whenever you feel see more alone and more closed your circle of friends.
  7. You do not feel as good as before: you noticed that when you go away from that person and for a few days, you feel happier, more positive, and more quiet. Although surely do you need your company, you suddenly feel lighter without the calls, conversations or presence of that person. You have begun to detox emotionally.
  8. You feel angry with yourself: Although you want to deny it to others, sometimes feel anger and sadness with yourself for having to spend those hard times next to that person. You have begun to think that the relationship is neither fair nor balanced, you give too much of yourself for not getting anything positive feelings and many more dispiriting.
  9. There abuse: abuse is not just physical; it is also psychological. That person can hurt you with their lies, with their manipulations, their deceptions. You can hurt you with his behavior, his abuse, his way of being. Their words and their actions, instead of being a source of relief and happiness, have become a difficult burden to bear.

Have a relationship with these characteristics it is time to rethink the situation and set limits, for your well being and your sanity are first that any friendship or relationship. Ask for help if this toxic person is affecting your life and emotions.





Have a friend or toxic relationship in your life? How have you been? Tell us your stories.