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10-tips-for-finding-and-getting-the-best-customers-deep-through-business -
10-tips-for-finding-and-getting-the-best-customers-deep-through-business -

Getting customers is a science that requires your effort and dedication. Do not fall into the false belief that your business, have a good presence and a good product or service, that will attract consumers without making you nothing.

You have to organize and implement certain strategies that are those from which you will increase your sales – and, of course, your income -.

In fact, there is a direct relationship between the amount of effort you spend on your sales strategies and the results will achieve them. It is the effect of being constant.

If you perform certain actions frequently, you will grasp clients daily.

And today in this article you will learn what those 10 shares and tips that can run daily in simple way to get the best clients for your company and retain them successfully.



How to get the best customers?

1. Know who your customers are

photo-customers__largeIf you want to get customers, and are the best for your business, then you have to really know them. You should ask yourself questions like ” What are my customers? “or” What do they value most? “.

Once you have these answers and all the necessary information, you can tailor specific messages to lure them on platforms where they move over these customers (social networks, your own website or offline mode, in streets or places of recreation).



2. Have a better answering service

Answering_Service_SlideWhether you have a physical or a virtual business venture, you should not neglect the path by which your customers can reach you when you are unavailable or out of office hours.

If you use a telephone service customer, instead of leaving a generic message when you can not answer the phone, record a message that offers them to call back “call to action“.

And the same happens if you offer customer care by email only: You must set up an automatic reply message to your customers when they’re not serving your business.

Whether you record a phone message as if you create an email from “autoresponder” must contain one (or more) of the following characteristics:

  • Answer a question
  • Direct them to your website
  • Or tell them how to schedule an appointment with you


Here is an example of this message:

Hello! I am Mary, La boutique crafts. Right now I’m helping another customer, but I’m looking forward to help you too! Meanwhile, visit my website where you will find news of my products and promotions. “

If you only use email to communicate with your customers, or if your venture is an online business, tell them to send an email with their inquiry, visiting your web site and invite them to take a look at your social networks.

Whichever method you prefer, make sure your message is direct, short, and you have a clear call to action. (Also Read : 5+ Effective tips for a call-to-action | Attention call customers & readers )



3. Attend trade shows and business events


Attending trade shows and business events is a great way to connect with influencers and get leads in your industry.

But there is something more important: these fairs and events are a great way to discover how your market is changing.

On these occasions, it is best to go to the discussion sessions or lectures, because that is where people who want to buy products are in that sector, and which are often willing to buy more.

They want to learn and want to know what the are the latest products and then buy them.

IDEA! Always carry on these events you business cards or brochures to hand out to prospective clients
who are there to see the new products on the market. Clearly indicated on those cards or brochures your website or address your physical business so they can visit you.



4. Start a newsletter


Create a unique and high-quality content and offer it to visitors to your website in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter.

This content can be for example an article two or three pages in PDF format (or simply on you website blog page) –  on some interesting topic of/about your business or some special promotions.

For example: if you have a business where you provide staff and exercise training, you can write an informative article on the 10 meals more calories and 10 healthiest foods, and offer this report in exchange for your visitors to subscribe to your website and at the same time, enjoy the article.

This not only will position you as an expert: but also gives you the email address of your potential customers.

Once you have those emails, you can start communicating with these consumers by sending emails on who you promote to your new products, promotions, events, etc.



5. Help your local community


You can build trust and get the best customers support on local organizations in your community or sharing your tips with others.

A good idea is that you sign up for an association of merchants in your city to join them;  if your business will allow it – you can sponsor a charity event for any school or organization of nonprofit.

Thus, people who attend these events will see that you are a sponsor, they will know, and will create confidence in them when they check your contribute to a good cause.


6. Work with other companies

imagesStrangely enough, when working with other complementary businesses; you will be spreading and promoting your venture as well.

What’s more, you will gain exposure to customers who are interested in the products or services you offer.

If you sell such a product line for raising pets, you can leave a brochure in veterinary clinics or put ads on web pages that focuses on pet care.

That is, you must have a presence where your best prospects (your best customers) are on sites they visit.

This technique is rarely used in most businesses to get customers, but it works wonderfully well.

In addition, you collaborate with other businesses will give much more credibility if you make promotion on your own.


7. Make them feel special

enquêteIf you really want to earn your customers, do everything you can to impress them.

And this, you can easily get by having each person you meet and interact with which you feel happy and special in some way.

When you hit someone feel happy and special, a link is created with them. Even in the online world you should try to make them feel in that connection.

A good technique for this if you have a physical business is, to meet a client, smile, ask him / his name, and refer to him or her by that name. Even when you leave you can hug but not on Islamic Country. Don’t do that!

It seems silly, but very few do this, and are a couple of simple gestures that make you feel special person to another.

Such actions will help you create great relationships that end up becoming long-term loyal customers.



8. Show your work

website-graphics_resultsCustomers want to see your results. But how can you show them if you’ve never worked with them?

The best place to start is by creating a powerful portfolio on the Internet.

And there are many ways to do this; and share your work online, including a complete web page or links in your social networks.

(To create a website, I suggest you read this article : Step By Step Guide to a Success | Website, Business, Marketing and Success)

  • Show on your website products or services you sell. Include testimonials (real!) from other customers who have tested your merchandise. If you have worked with other companies, put their logos on your website to generate more confidence.
  • Post links to your social networking news, videos and items of media, bloggers or YouTubers talk about your products or services.

Also, be sure to include examples of your work (either physical product or service you provide).

In doing so, not only will you be giving to your customers an idea of the quality of your work; you will also be probably they can trust you because you can handle the job properly.


9. Ask for references


Do not hesitate to ask your current customers to talk about you and refer you to others.

Remember this phrase: existing customers take to prospective clients.

Why? Because we tend to trust people we know. And if a current client of yours is happy with what you offer, and they talk to other people around them, surely those known decide to go to buy from you.



10. Help people


You are the owner or owner of a business that does not entitle you to be in a position superior to others. Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs who do believe that this is true.

But they are completely wrong and, moreover: the business owner must always be at the service of its customers, and not vice versa.

Therefore, when a new customer comes to your enterprise, you should always ask how you can help instead of having an arrogant attitude towards him or her just because you are the owner.

It is proved by several studies dependents who are friendly and correct asking how they can help the client generate more confidence, and these customers are more inclined to return to that business to buy.

To get customers is important to record. And if you apply daily these 10 tips and techniques, you will gain the best customers in the world for your business.