TOP 25 Must Have Android Apps | Essential

TOP 25 Must Have Android Apps Essential -
TOP 25 Must Have Android Apps Essential -

We are premiering year and, in many cases, releasing smartphone, most of them (no mistake) are Android. For all users that are still somewhat ‘lost’ and do not know which apps to install on your mobile, here’s our list of 25 essential Android apps



Lookout security is undoubtedly one of the best rated and most downloaded apps from Google Play. The functions of protection against viruses and spyware offered are free, powerful and with a base of known threats is updated fairly regularly. It also includes other features such as location of lost phones, so we can know where our Android from any PC, or utilities backup and restoration.


Download Lookout

es_exploradorIt is File Explorer

We are facing a complete file browser for Android, which also includes advanced management capabilities ZIP file (compressed), and supports FTP and SAMBA protocols to access the contents of the hard disk of any server or your PC remotely . Besides all this, it has included support for cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Essential to maintain and manage files stored on your smartphone Android.

Download ES File Explorer



Although we are still at an app under ‘beta’, we have chosen to be the official Joyn bet, the alternative of large operators from our country to other mobile messaging customers ‘less safe and reliable’. With Joyn we will be able to chat, send pictures, audio and video using advanced functions with our friends and family. The best part is that to use these functions do not need to register a profile or set passwords or copy the contacts to the application. You simply install the app, and our address book appear ‘marked’ Automatically friends and family using Joyn.

Download Joyn




For us, the best social networking application for Android called HootSuite. With this app we will be able to manage many profiles on major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare) in ‘single window’, that is without having a specific app to manage each network independently. HootSuite interface is simple, elegant and very easy to use.

Download HootSuite




Before making any trip, go to a restaurant or visit a tourist attraction, worth you check TripAdvisor, one of the best tour guides noted for its splendid database attractions and an excellent system of valuation users.Imperative to find nearby hotels (uses GPS) and select the best services based on the experiences of users.

TripAdvisor Download




Possibly the best flight search engine on Android. Skyscanner compares in seconds over one million routes, flights of more than 1000 regular lines and low cost. The app interface is very clear and to find the flight you need through countless criteria. Finally, we can book and purchase tickets directly with the airline or travel agency.

Download Skyscanner


SwiftKey 3

SwiftKey 3 is one of the best alternatives to ‘virtual’ keyboard that brings Android by default. SwiftKey 3 learns how words are combined, offers alternatives to instant corrections and extraordinarily accurate predictions. It is so good, that will convince even the users who come from a device with a physical QWERTY keyboard. The only bad thing SwiftKey 3 is that after writing to him no longer able to reuse the standard keyboard of the system, because we look very uncomfortable.

Download SwiftKey 3



The lazy man’s corner

The best application for any student who claims to be, or anyone else who thinks that knowledge does not take place. Within the app you can search for jobs, exams and notes from more than 75,000 documents comprising the database ‘El Rincón del Vago’. Navigation through the documents is defined by categories, is excellent, clear and precise. If you have trouble finding a particular job, we can always ‘pull’ the embedded search engine.

Download El Rincón del Vago



TuneIn Radio

Fortunately, most of Android terminals, take any built-in radio range. Still, it is always interesting to have a handy app that allows us to listen to radio stations around the world including local broadcasts of the big radio stations in our country. For this purpose we have a free choice as app called TuneIn Radio, a must to hear over 70,000 stations in the world, sorted by region, theme and audio quality resource. In the paid version (0.70 €), it is possible to record any program in the memory of our terminal.

Download TuneIn Radio


QR Droid

QR codes, also known as BIDI, are increasingly present in our daily lives. Its applications are hundreds: marketing campaigns, public services and tourism are among the sectors where most these graphs, capable elements heading to a website, a profile of social network or video are used, with only closer the camera of our smartphone. To avoid getting lost or a QR code in our environment, simply download QR Droid from Google Play, one of the best utilities of capture and creation of QR codes to Android. Simply a must.

Download QR Droid




One of the best applications of photo retouching for iOS Android reached a few weeks ago. We refer to Snapseed, an app to apply filters, improved contrast, brightness and color or add m puarcos our best pictures. Best of all is the simplicity of using the program, you need not be a professional or take hours using Snapseed to obtain good results. From the start, anyone can improve the quality of your photos or surprise your acquaintances with elegant photomontages. In addition Snapseed is a free app and consumes few system resources, so that even users of terminals Android ICS more ‘modest’ tweaking can enjoy your favorite pictures

Download Snapseed




A reference in social photography that made the leap from iOS to Android and ended up being acquired by the giant Facebook. The sole purpose of Instagram is to share our best pictures with everyone, but anyone who is consulted about how you use Instagram, will end up talking about their popular filters ‘vintage’, a tool by which we can ‘age’ photographs to give them a dreamlike and elegant. 100 million users make Instagram a photographic social networks used together to Flickr.

Download Instagram




The alternative is called Dailymotion and YouTube have this excellent app for Android. Under an elegant, simple and clean interface, ultra-fast video player with a great search engine, a synchronization mode for offline play videos that we like without internet and DLNA utility hides to watch the videos on a TV that supports this standard transmission of multimedia content. There is no shortage of options to share content on Facebook and Twitter.

Download Dailymotion



Mobo Player

Mobo Player is elected to play video on our Android. With this app you can watch almost any video format, including AVI, MOV and MKV files containing multiple audio tracks (eg original sound of a movie and dubbed into Castilian version). The smoothness of the playback is very good, even in ‘modest’ teams with single-core processors no jumps are observed in the image. Mobo Player also supports playlists and supports the most common subtitle formats: SRT, ASS, and SAA.

Download Mobo Player



Dolphin Browser

Built on the latest versions of Android browser is more than good enough for most users. Still, it is always interesting to install others, to compare and stay with the one we like. Given the position to choose web browser, we suggest Dolphin, an extraordinary free browser that has everything: navigation progamable by gestures and voice, eyelashes, plenty of downloadable add-ons to add new security features and bombproof. If we add that everything is free, Dolphin Browser becomes our imperative to surf the web from a smartphone Android.

Download Dolphin Browser




One of the references in the field of music apps for smartphones. Shazam is basically locator songs. If a piece of music sounds around you and want to know the title and author, you just have to bring your smartphone with Shazam activated sound source; in a few seconds it will appear on the terminal display the song title, the author and the album it, plus a link to buy it online and download it to the mobile part.Integration with Spotify and Shazam the most popular social networks is very good, and also includes other useful functions, such as allowing us to read the lyrics while we are listening.

Download Shazam




All Android terminal manufacturers have their own software to sync smartphones with any PC manufacturing. Kies, PC Suite or PC Companion, are some of the solutions from Samsung, LG and Sony in this area, but if we want a versatile, simple and quick tool to manage your Android from a PC, the solution is called AirDroid. With this simple free app, our ADSL router and two easy steps, can transfer any content from PC to smartphone and vice versa, via Wi-Fi without the need for cables and without installing anything on the PC, everything is done from the computer’s web browser. Tasks such as copying photos, stream videos or send SMS from PC becomes child’s play thanks to AirDroid.

Download AirDroid




The concept a’la cloud ‘is a reality, this file storage and the future of digital entertainment. In this case, file storage services in ‘virtual hard disks’ app for Android with the tens. Google Drive, Sky Drive or Box are just some of the names ‘that sound more’ in this remote network storage, but we’re staying with a ‘classic’ for this list of ‘essential’, we refer to Dropbox. The service itself is very good from any platform for us to access. Specifically, the app for Android is a development with a clear and simple interface that allows any user to store your most important files in a safe place, on a secure server accessible from PC, tablet or smartphone with the appropriate username and password.

Download Dropbox




Another app that came from the world of iOS to enrich the repository of Android apps. Flipboard is a stylish news reader, you can configure to our needs to be informed of the issues that we like. He noted for its visual aspect, the successful widget and great local edition for Spain, with predefined sources very interesting news. Integration with social networks can be described as ‘sublime’: can configure the source of our Twitter and Facebook to receive status changes instantly in the same format as other news.

Download Flipboard




The category ‘Utilities’ will you not painted Pocket, an app that comes on its own merits in this list of essential Android. Pocket we can enjoy web content without internet connection. Pocket makes sense in situations how are you: quietly read an article in the online edition of a newspaper, eliminating the ads on the page in which it is housed, or watch a video while we are traveling by plane, with the mobile radio off, without Internet connection available. Android integration is excellent, making it possible to save almost any content that Pocket comes to mind for later viewing.

Download Pocket




Besides the great Google Navigation, now comes standard on the latest Android terminals, we can always settle an alternative GPS navigator ‘just in case’. Chosen in this case has been Sygic: GPS Navigation, an excellent browser that stands out for the huge amount of free updates that receives and, above all, for their offline maps. This last aspect we consider very important, because where they are often needed the location is no mobile coverage in places where we do have GPS signal. Sygic shown quite reliable in testing we have done, despite being ‘lost’ or presents some ‘strange’ POI’s route that no longer exist at times. The version for the Iberian Peninsula, Canary and Balearic Islands, Andorra and Portugal costs € 19.99, and although it may seem expensive it is worth every euro it costs and more.

Download Sygic




Another classic of the essential Android that follows is more relevant than ever Evernote, the app that allows us to take text notes, voice, make lists and to search for text within images, and many other features available. The best part is that all this content will continue to be available from anywhere, remote accessing servbicio from any platform (PC, tablet, smartphone). Evernote is a free app, it deserves a fixed place in the memory of your Android smartphone.

Download Evernote



Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is our chosen from all office apps from Google Play for many reasons, among others, because it is compatible with all versions of Android from 2.1. It supports editing and viewing of up to 32 different types of documents (DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF …), is compatible with cloud services like Dropbox and, above all, it’s free! Yes, you read that right, an entire office suite that is adapted to any size of screen, Android devices absolutely free. The only ‘but’ of Kingsoft Office is that the menus are not in Castilian, but that is something we can ignore, considering the other benefits offered by this fantastic app.

Download Kingsoft Office


I Endomondo

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Between ‘healthy’ app, we encourage those sports and pose interesting challenges us, we were Endomondo, an app that in its free version offers plenty of options to record our sports activities, including tours, calorie consumption and, the right accessories will also help us to keep track of your keystrokes.Best of Endomondo are the challenges between friends, a user base of over 13 million ‘athletes’ and simple, neat interface. The best personal trainer for Android.

Download Endomondo Sports Tracker



Beautiful Widgets

A classic widgets on Android that makes a fresh start. In its latest version, logo changes and adapts to new times, the system Android Jelly Bean. In Beautiful Widgets find all kinds of widgets and themes (over 1000 free) to ‘dress’, for example, the system clock or weather information displayed on the home screen.One of the best exponents of the most charming Android customization.

Download Beautiful Widgets