Now comes the summer and spent more time away from home. This means that our data rates may not be enough to spend all day enjoying the possibilities offered by our smartphone. One of the things we do most is to read news, blogs, etc. by using our phone. Here are 9 apps to read news and blogs without having network connection .

They are also perfect when we go to a beach or mountain and realize that the available connection is saturated or is very slow . It is in these cases when we thank to use this type of application where we saved some of the news that interested us read calmly.

1. Pocket, now integrated with Firefox


Pocket is a great service that allows you to save web pages you are reading or items that we have collected through our RSS application, either from your smartphone or tablet and from the web browser. Thus we have them available for later reading without Internet connection.

Pocket we saved items with images without publidad, by allowing us to focus on reading without distractions. Recently it has been integrated in Firefox, so if you use this browser will have available natively. To the articles available on your smartphone just you need to download the app and log in using your Pocket account. To his credit has a large ecosystem of applications that is integrated from Flipboard to IFTT


2. Instapaper to save your readings and they are always available


TOP 9 Apps to Read News and Blogs Without Having Network Connection -


Instapaper is another major applications that allow us to save content to read later. Among its features we have the ability to create notes in the article, which also can be saved and shared with others. This adds a great value to work with documents on which then have to go back to review or retouch.

To capture content from the smartphone we just have the application installed, but if we want to save pages to read later from the browser have to install an extension for Firefox, Chrome or Safari. It has a paid version which has more powerful search tool, unlimited notes and the possibility of moving text to audio for playback.


3. Readability, for a reading without distractions


TOP 9 Apps to Read News and Blogs Without Having Network Connection -

Readability is similar to the previous two service also will allow us to bring content to read later, regardless of whether or not we have free internet access. It emphasizes facilitate reading without distractions and also has a very complete ecosystem of applications for use on multiple devices or integrated with all amenities.

It also allows sending add links from email content, which can be a very interesting resource at certain times.In addition, we can follow lists and items from other people, so it becomes a great option for healing and finding recommendations contents thereof in the service itself.


4. Kippt, saves images, notes or videos


Kippt is a much more visual option that can save notes, articles, pictures or videos . Items are saved directly in our smartphone, so if we need to consult them later offline not have any problem if we have the app installed.

It’s a great option to collect materials for a project , teamwork and maintain an organization with different folders that help us to have the documents in hand.The ability to add notes and share content that other users have saved is a very interesting option for collaborative projects.


5. Evernote, much more than an application for reading


To say that Evernote allows us to save articles and information about blogs and web pages to read later or offline, if we are users of the paid version, is falling short. It is a c ompleto workspace where we can gather all sorts of information will be available then organized in our book.

To capture information from websites or blogs , in addition to using the app for Android, we can use the browser extension Clearly, that transforms us and allows us to view page without advertising.Then we can take notes or send it to Evernote, without any problems, and being perfectly labeled.It also helps us focus on reading if we do it in that time from our web browser.We may also review the notes you’ve taken from your smartphone calmly later.


6. Wallabag, the free software alternative


TOP 9 Apps to Read News and Blogs Without Having Network Connection -

Wallabag service is free code that allows us to save articles and content that can be found in blogs and the web, available to them after although we have no connection or coverage is worse than we are used to. You have an application for Android with which to capture and save the information.


7. Kindle for Android


TOP 9 Apps to Read News and Blogs Without Having Network Connection -

Another classic services to move content from the Web and then have them available offline is the extension for browsers Send to Kindle from Amazon. Through the extension for Firefox or Chrome, but also with applications to install on the computer we can spend contents that are available on your smartphone through the Kindle application. Then we can enjoy this content as if it were a book without connecting to the network.


8. PaperSpan

PaperSpan is another useful service to store information, articles, posts that have been finding in navigation through the web, in our RSS feeds or reach us through social networks but in this moment we do not have time to read.

We can read the contents later although we have no Internet connection, take notes, search the articles or listen to a podcast as if it were. Furthermore, we can share through the many options we have from our smartphone.



TOP 9 Apps to Read News and Blogs Without Having Network Connection - is a service that seems abandoned but still running. Its foundation is to gather content to read later from our smartphone, but the lack of updates have definitely made him fall behind compared to other alternatives we have available today.

It is interesting that we want to have content available inquire and we update when we are at home or have an internet connection to be downloaded in most of the proposed services. Some do it automatically, but best of all ways to make sure that after arriving at the beach where there is no coverage and take the surprise.