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TOP Best 23 Applications for Android Lovers of Science -
TOP Best 23 Applications for Android Lovers of Science -

If you’re a big fan of science it is probably like leading on mobile some applications both to learn and to use reference in your day to day, plus fun with them if the opportunity arises. We have chosen some scientific applications in various fields, some of them focused on learning, some as reference and other applications designed to have a good time while you play or learn.

As much as we want we will always have a lot to learn and these applications will help us to make it easier to introduce in any scientific field that was previously alien to us. You can always have fun with science and we have some proposals for this.


1. WolphramAlpha, an essential application

WolframAlpha Iphone App 2

WaIf you like math, physics, chemistry or any other science, this is the best tool you can have. Wolphram Alpha puts you almost all scientific knowledge at your fingertips calculation, arithmetic, logic, statistics, astrophysics, materials, socio-economics, medicine, geography, history, music, culture, etc. All you want to know in one application also solves mathematical problems and offers graphics.

Also, if you want to learn, Wolphram Alpha several applications with courses in various fields of mathematics, physics and chemistry that will help you master all subjects.



2. 3D Brain, learn about your brain


Mzi Fcgrytzd 175x175 753D Brain is an educational application in 3D in which you can learn about how the brain works. It allows you to interact with each of its parts, discover their capabilities, what consequences there when each area is damaged and how they affect mental illness. It also includes links to modern doctors and case studies.

A must for all who enjoy learning about neurology and psychiatry.


3D BRAINEducation

3. RealCalc, scientific calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Q22enq9ohi 256 11 2b9f37e7499f85009ee356b5d0eec2a0e1275d4cThose who study science at the pre-smartphone was needed expensive scientific calculators, today both scientists and engineers can use powerful programmable calculators simply installing an application. One of the most comprehensive is RealCalc Plus.



4. Star Walk for stargazing

StarWalk 1Augmented reality gets that this application of astronomy goes a step further. You only need to point your smartphone at a star or constellation and the application will detect it and give you all the information on this celestial body : features, calculations, and even high-resolution images.


STAR WALKEducation

5. Essential Anatomy 3 everything you need to know about anatomy

Unnamed 1402497803Essential Anatomy 3 is the most complete implementation of anatomy that can be found on Android. The 3D graphics are medical level details that make it ideal as a means of reference in addition to students and health professionals. The application includes the essential anatomy ten systems: skeleton, muscles, connective tissue, veins, arteries, nerves, respiratory, digestive, urinary, lymphatic and includes the heart and brain.



6. Color Blind Test to detect color blindness

Unnamed (1)

BlindIf you think you could be color blind should go to the ophthalmologist , but while waiting for the visit you can do this simple test, similar to that make you eye doctors in their offices and where you can get an approximate diagnosis.



7. Fungipedia for mushroom pickers


FungipediaWhether you’re a student of mushrooms, like you’re going out to look for them in autumn, Fungipedia‘ll find a complete guide for examination and identification. The application includes 250 species and more than 1,300 images. Besides the geolocation will help you find the best place to locate each species. However, before taking any better mushroom consult an expert.



8. Collider, CERN to live

Screen520x924 1

ColliderIf you like particle physics and are able to mention all bosons, not only the Higgs will surely enjoy this application. Collider lets you see the data from the experiment ATLAS LHC and features a live stream when active.



9. Earth Now, to study climate change with NASA


949 921 Earth Now W192The NASA offers us an application with global climate details more important in a very visual way to study climate change on earth. The application offers a 3D model of the earth with data on temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, water vapor, gravity and changes in water level of the sea.






10. Practical Manual of Hematology

Practical Manual of Hematology 008b2f H900

Mzl Oytetwmk 175x175 75Practical Manual of Hematology is a manual with information and illustrations to resolve any questions on hematology. Ideal both to learn everything necessary about the blood to answer questions in the daily clinical practice of health professionals. The powerful search engine keywords will help you quickly find the information you need.



11. Periodic Table Droid, a periodic table


PeriodicIf you need a periodic table Periodic Table Droid is a complete application in addition to the periodic table you will find descriptions of items, category, state, crystal structure, with images-symbol, atomic number, melting point, electronegativity, configuration electrons, isotopes, and more.



12. Zoology Invertebrates part 1, learn about invertebrates

Invertebrates Zoology Part I 3 2 S 307x512

ImagesIf you want to study invertebrates Invertebrates Zoology is a powerful application with pictures and interesting explanations describing the life cycles of various types of invertebrates like protozoa, sponges, nematodes, snails and many more.



13. Thermodynamics Calc., To make your calculations of thermodynamics

Unnamed (2) 1

Fire 1Thermodynamics Calc. contains 44 calculators for fast results on different common thermodynamic parameters such as entropy, energy efficient, the number of Fourier, the Carnot cycle, the constant radiation or kinetic energy among many others.



14. Organic Chemistry Nomenclature, learn organic chemistry


Images (1)Organic Chemistry Nomenclature wants to help you learn organic chemistry in a simple and quick way through a mobile application. Topics to learn the formulation are divided by the type of molecules so that it easier to learn gradually.



15. Amazing Science Facts, scientific curiosities

Unnamed 1

AmazingIf more than studying to an area of science you want to learn a little of everything Amazing Science Facts is an application to enjoy science, full of scientific curiosities that make you think and enjoy the world around us.



16. ISS Live, discover the International Space Station


IssliveThe NASA has an app for everything that happens to live on the International Space Station in real time. You can view the data of onboard systems in real time, the timelines in social networks station residents, 3D view control center in Houston and more.



17. Chemical Equation Balancer, an aid in your chemical equations

Unnamed (3)

Chemical Equation BalancerIf you need to know the result of your chemical equations, Chemical Equation Balancer offers the balanced result. So you always know what the outcome of the sum of two chemical components. This is a very simple full support per for lovers of chemistry.



18. Complete Step-By-Step solves comprehensive

Integral (1)

Mzl Uypnpstf 175x175 75Whether you are someone you love math, and those who suffer them, Comprehensive Step-By-Step is an interesting application that solves integral but with the particularity that shows you all the steps taken to arrive at the result, which it is always interesting to learn



19. Science Quiz, a trivial scientific


Dccdc0d7dc3d61b82c15b9ac7b8a1ed5If you like playing trivial but want to test your scientific knowledge plays with Science Quiz and you can test your knowledge in physics, chemistry, zoology and botany. This is an application that is both educational and fun time.



20. Biology. Plant Morphology, learn about botany

Plant Biology Morphology 14110th W192If you want to learn everything about botany, parts of plants and types of leaves, flowers and fruits that can be found in nature Biology. Plant Morphology can be helpful. It is clear, simple and with illustrations to help you understand how each part and operation.



21. Biotechnology, to be the latest in biotechnology

Unnamed (4)

Biotechnology 1d40be W192If you like biotechnology, this application will keep you informed of the latest findings on animal biotechnology, plant, bio fuels, sustainable agriculture, bioethics … The information, from various sources, comes from both videos and articles and expert discussions on social networks.



  • Developer: Smart Media Innovations Pty Ltd
  • Price: Free
  • Download at Google Play Store

22. Visual Vector Math, graphs of your vectors

1352479801 Screen

Visual Vector Math B77836 W192Its work with vectors is likely to have to make many operations and vector graphics. With Visual Vector Math you can do it all in one place and automatically. Also, the application has a simple and intuitive interface.






23. NASA App, all the information in one place NASA

Nasa App 02

Nasa AppIf you’re a fan of astronomy and love to keep up with the findings of the NASA, this application is a must. It offers streaming television of NASA, news, imágener, information missions, information and countdown releases and more.


NASA APPEducation