How to transfer files from iPhone to PC without iTunes?


In this tutorial, we explain how to transfer files from the iPhone to the computer without the need of the iTunes program. We will explain several ways to transfer files from iPhone to PC without iTunes

Many times through iTunes we can not transfer the photos or videos from iPhone to the computer or we just do not want or we can not install iTunes for some reason that everyone can have. Although Apple is very closed with its devices we have as alternative other ways to transfer files from the iPhone to the computer and explained below.

Transfer files from iPhone to PC via Google Drive

This is quite easy. Google Drive is a Google cloud storage service through which you can upload the files you need to pass to Google Drive from the iPhone and then enter into Google Drive from the computer and download them to it.

You can have Google Drive on your iPhone just by downloading the app from the App Store. In the same you login with your Google account and if you do not have only you would have to register to create one which is free.

On the iPhone, after you upload the files you want to transfer on your PC from the browser you go to and there you will see all the files you uploaded with only two clicks downloads to the computer.
Another program with which you can do that is with Dropbox.

Transfers with WhatsApp Web

You send the file to someone you trust, then you enter WhatsApp Web from the computer and enter the conversation of the person to whom you sent the file and download it.

Pen drive

There is a type of USB memory that can be connected to cell phones and computers.

What is done is to connect the memory to the cell phone and transfer the files to the USB memory. Then connect the USB to the PC and pass the files. These memories are called  SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive and are usually sold in computer sales centre and Amazon.

Speaking of USB memory you may be interested in reading recover deleted USB files.

Transfer files from iPhone to PC directly

For some reason, this method does not always work and therefore I do not mention it first. Simply connect the iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Then in the Windows Explorer go to Computer. There you will see the storage units including the iPhone, enter the same and look for the folder where the photos or videos you want to take out.