Treasures of the Kings: 15 Everyday Objects Covered With Pure Gold

Gold has always been associated with wealth and luxury. Nothing has changed in the tech 21st century. In our review of the most-most-most gold items – furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils and a lot more. Owning such objects can not afford one.


1. Golden clutch, $180, 000

Clutch from Christopher Shellis of 18 carat white and yellow gold inlaid with 345 diamonds, with a guarantee of 1,000 years.


2. Gold-plated vacuum cleaner, $ 1,000,000

Electric vacuum cleaner from the company GoVacuum, whose body is made of metal and covered with 24-carat gold.


3. Golden Cradle, $ 17 million

The most expensive bed in the world, which is made of pure gold, weighing about 188 kg.


4. Tea with gold-plated elements, 2799 $

Tea Capresso, sometimes covered with 24-carat coffee.


5. Golden Sandals $ 220,000

Stiletto sandals made of pure gold and studded with 2,200 diamonds.


6. Gold TV 2 250 000 $

55-inch TV in the body, the cast of 28 kg of 18-karat rose gold and adorned with 72 diamonds.


7. Gilded bed, $ 6.3 million

The bed, made from the best varieties of ash, chestnut and cherry trees and decorated with 107 kilos of 24-carat gold.


8. Gilded skateboard $ 15,000

Board of Company Shut completely covered film of pure gold.


9. Gold juicer, $ 1500

Juicer from Gillian McKeith is covered with gold and decorated with pearls.


10. Gold-plated car, to 20 000 000 rubles.

Porsche 911 which the body is completely covered with 20 kilograms of gold.


11. Platinum mixer

Crane Oz Diamond Edition is made of white gold and decorated with 282 diamonds, total weight of 10.24 carats.


12. Golden Grill $ 165,000

Stove BBQ Beef Eater’s completely covered with 24-carat gold.


13. Pot with gold elements, 607, 000

Pan from the company Fissler.Handles, cover and logo made of pure 24-carat gold and encrusted with 13 diamonds.


14. The Golden Collar, $ 3 200 000

The dog collar from a company I Love Dogs Diamonds in white gold and diamonds.


15. Golden gamepad
Gamepad for game consoles covered with pure gold.