How to turn off notifications in Google Chrome?


Google Chrome notifications are the ones on the bottom right. They are notifications of new information sent from websites in which you allowed them to send you such notifications. One example is Facebook that although you are not on the Facebook site they can send you notifications. This tutorial explains how to turn off notifications in Google Chrome.

There are two ways to disable them and are the ones I explain below.

Disable notifications from Chrome settings

In the browser, go to the configuration menu by clicking the three-dot or three-strip button at the top right, then click where it says “Settings“.

How to turn off notifications in Google Chrome

Then click on the last option under “Show advanced settings” (Or just Advanced) on the Google Chrome settings page.

How to turn off notifications in Google Chrome

Doing that underneath further options. Look in the privacy section for a button that says “Content Settings” and click.

How to turn off notifications in Google Chrome

A window will then open. Scroll down and look for the section called “Notifications” and make sure that the option “Ask me when a site wants to show notifications (recommended)” or “Do not allow sites to show notifications” is checked. When you do that click on the button below that says “Manage Exceptions”.

NOTE: If you have newer version of Chrome, you will see the below settings. In this case, click on the 3 dots (Settings over the notification and remove or block it)

You can leave the “Do not allow websites to show notifications” checkbox checked. With that what you would do is disable notifications in Google Chrome with any website.

You can simply block all or any unwanted notifications and then click the “Done” button to save the changes.

If somehow continue to send notifications or you see the chrome err_ssl_protocol_error  restart the browser and make sure you have blocked the website that sends it to you.

Disable notifications in Google Chrome from the website in question

This is another method a little simpler and serves for specific sites. Assuming you do not want to get notifications from a particular website because it sends you too many. What you have to do is visit the website that sends them to you and click (the Lock Icon) on the top left before the URL and then where it says “Notifications” click where it says “Always block on this site“.

How to turn off notifications in Google Chrome

Then reload the page and you will not be notified again of the site where you blocked them.