How to uninstall an app on an iPhone – Solution


In this article, we will learn how to uninstall an application on the iPhone. You may need to enable the “Delete Apps” permission option, so you can remove apps from the home screen.

Turning this option on becomes easier because there are fewer steps you will take. I’ll first show you how to enable the “Delete Apps” option.

How to uninstall applications on an iPhone

First, you have to go to “Settings“. Then select “General“. You can see the steps on the images below.

After entering “General“, there you will look for the option that says “Restrictions“, there you will continue the next step.

Once you have entered, you will be prompted for the “Restrictions” password or if your iPhone is new you will be asked to enter a new password. The screen will appear as this image that I will show you indicating that you enter the 4-digit password.

Once the password is set, the “Enable Restrictions” indication will appear in blue.

When it is done, you have to find “Delete apps“. Mark the box by moving it to the right and you are done.

Then go to the start and press and hold the application you want to delete. When press and hold done, you will notice that the applications will be vibrating. An (X) appears on the top left of all applications. You press the “X” that is in the application that you want to remove and that’s it.

There are applications that are preinstalled on the iPhone, which can not be uninstalled. These applications are those that do not show “X” but that they only remain vibrating.

I’ll show you another image, some of the pre-installed iPhone applications which you cannot uninstall or delete.

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