How to Install & Update Adobe Flash Player step by step

update Adobe Flash Player

There are many ways to upgrade Adobe Flash Player to its latest version. In this article, we explain step by step how to do it the safest way. Just follow the instructions below.

This works for any operating system and for all browsers, whether Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.

Steps to Update Adobe Flash Player

You first enter this link which is the official download link for Adobe Flash Player. Uncheck all the odd boxes that may exist. This is to prevent you from installing additional third-party programs on your computer and then clicking the “Install Now” button.

update Adobe Flash PlayerThe Adobe Flash Player installation program will begin downloading to your computer.

When you downloaded, run (Click on) the installation file and you will get a window like the following one.

update Adobe Flash PlayerThere you should first choose how you want to keep the plugin up to date, whether it is automatically updated, asked before updating or not looking for updates. I recommend you choose the first option or click “Next” to begin installing.

It will take a brief moment to install and if you have your browser open you may be informed that you should close it before continuing. When that process is finished you will have Adobe Flash Player updated.

Second method for updating Adobe Flash Player

Go to Control Panel and at the top right select “Large icons”.

Note: You can open Control Panel by pressing “Windows” and type “Control Panel

update Adobe Flash Player_4Then click the Adobe Flash Player (or just Flash Player) icon.

update Adobe Flash Player_5And a window will open. Go to the “Updates” tab.

update Adobe Flash PlayerThen click the “Check Now” button. When you do that will open the page of Adobe where you will indicate if you have the updated plugin to its latest version. In case you do not have it updated you will have the options to update it. You can also change the update settings to notify you about new and upcoming updates.

Google Chrome

As we mentioned, updating in Google Chrome is not required. Google Chrome updates its components when Chrome itself is updated. But in that case, somehow there will be troubleshooting with Chrome then you can manually force Chrome to update your Adobe Flash Player following the methods below:

Go to address bar and type chrome://components then press enter. It must look like this:

If you want just to know the flash player plugin version in Chrome, type the following in the address bar chrome://flash/

Final note: After installing or updating Adobe Flash Player manually, do not forget to restart your PC.