How to Update AMD Radeon Crimson Drivers

How to Update AMD Radeon Crimson Drivers

In this article, we explain step by step how to update the AMD drivers of your computer. It is advisable to update AMD drivers constantly to ensure that the graphics card or integrated graphics (if you do not have graphics card) work in the best possible way, to ensure better quality in video games and avoid possible performance problems.

Updating the AMD drivers is a fairly easy task and these are usually updated automatically. Except that you have automatic updates disabled.

Steps to update AMD drivers

To update the AMD drivers the first thing you need to do is to right-click on the red colour icon of AMD Radeon and then click where it says “Open Radeon settings“.

How to Update AMD Radeon Crimson DriversThen the AMD Radeon graphics configuration interface opens. At the bottom, there are some options. One of them says “Updates“. Click on it.

How to Update AMD Radeon Crimson DriversThen you will see the updates that you have available for your graphics card or integrated graphics chip and just by clicking on them your drivers will start to update.

If the updates do not appear it can be because you already have your drivers properly updated to the latest version for your hardware or because the AMD system has not yet performed checks. To be sure click “Check for updates“.

After updating the AMD drivers you must restart your computer to ensure that the new driver installation works correctly.

If the drivers are not installed correctly you can uninstall the ones you have currently installed and download them manually from the official AMD website here.

if you are going to download them from the official website of AMD I recommend that you download the automatic detector so that you do not install erroneous drivers for your hardware version.

If you have any doubt or inconvenience to update your AMD drivers please leave a comment indicating the model of your motherboard and your graphics card so that we can be specific in the answer that we can give.