How to update Java in Windows step by step

update Java in Windows

Having the Java plug-in updated on our computer is very important. When upgrading Java we avoid possible security problems and we make improvements in the performance of applications and web pages that work with this plugin. The steps explained below work for all versions of Windows.

First, open Control Panel. If you do not know how you can open execute and type “control” to access Control Panel directly. When you are in Control Panel at the top right you will have an option that will allow you to choose how to view the icons. Choose “Large Icons“.

update Java in WindowsThen among all the icons that appear one of them is the one of Java, click on it.

update Java in WindowsA window will open. Go to the tab labeled “Update“.

Check the box labeled “Check for updates automatically” and click the button at the bottom that says “Update now“.

update Java in WindowsWhen you do that it, sometimes will send you to the Java page and it will tell you if you have the latest version or if you need to upgrade.  In most case, it will open another window asking you if you want to set the update weekly. Click on that.

update Java in Windows

After you click on “Update now” then “Check Weekly“, the download process will beging. And when it is done, it will automatically install.

update Java in Windows

Update Java without entering Control Panel

Assuming that the previous method to update Java has not worked you can download the latest version of Java in this link. Perform the download of the installation. If you accept some terms before accepting the download, you accept them. The program will automatically replace the current installation with the new one. This will make you have the latest version of Java.

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