How to Update Windows 10 manually – Solution with Picture and Video

Update Windows 10 Manually

Updating Windows 10 Manually is very easy. It has less steps and easy to follow and remember. In case if you Windows does not ask you for an update, it is because you have not activated it, or it is a pirate version or simply the Windows Update is disabled

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In our previous article “How to Disable/Enable Windows 10 Auto Updates – Solution with picture” we have explained the steps to do it Manually or Automatically and how to enable the Windows Update if it was disabled. In this article, we are going to update our Windows manually. Simply follow the steps :

Internet Connection

First of all, make sure you are connected to the Internet and the speed is good enough to download the Windows Update

Windows Updates Setting

Then go to Start and type Windows Updates Setting and click on it

Update Windows 10 Manually

Update Windows 10 Manually

After clicking, the following window will appear where you should click next is “Check for updates

Update Windows 10 Manually

When you have clicked on “Check for updates“, it will start checking for an updates and if found that your PC/Laptop requires an update, it will start downloading. You have note that it might take some time and when the download process is complete, the Windows will notify you about it and will ask you to restart the windows for an installation of an update.

That was it. Simple yea? Leave a comment and let us know how did you manage it.