How to upgrade Windows 10 – Solution with picture

Upgrade Windows 10 Manually

Having your Windows 10 updated is a very important thing, since those updates solve security problems of previous updates, add more functionality to the operating system and ensure better operationUpdates in Windows 10 are typically performed automatically in the background, although they can sometimes be deferred for the user to do manually.

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However it is advisable to always make sure that Windows 10 has all the updates installed available so far. This process is quite easy to do and usually requires one or more reboots of the computer, depending on the amount of updates that are pending or available to download and perform at that time.
To do this you only have to go to Start-> Settings and then click where it says “Update and security“:
Upgrade Windows 10 Manually
Upgrade Windows 10 Manually
Then in the menu on the left make sure you are located in “Windows Update” and then click the button that says “Check for updates“:
Update Windows 10 Manually
Then the system will start searching for available updates to install and download:
Update Windows 10 Manually
The time it takes is usually brief, however it depends a lot on the speed of your Internet connection. Note that sometimes when you get to Windows Update you may find updates that are already done, in this case you should wait for them to finish, after completing those updates will appear a button to restart the computer, restart it so that the updates are made and then you do the same process again to check if new updates are available.