Using The Apple Watch For a Presentation With Keynote - -
Using The Apple Watch For a Presentation With Keynote - -

One of the best advantages of Apple Watch is the ability to control other applications or accessories directly from your wrist. But we do not limit only to what we have seen, it is to control song playback and little else: there is a case where the Watch is phenomenal and is operative playback of Keynote.

Anyway, I configure everything to do what he did Craig Federighi in the keynote October ( Watch The video Here | 32:06 minutes ) it is not a matter of seconds. Nor is it extremely difficult, but you must follow a few steps. Let them calmly to Murphy’s Law did not fully caught live.

The first thing you have or yes is an Apple Watch successfully paired with an iPhone. It is basic, because we can use the iPhone to reproduce those slides either using AirPlay to an Apple TV or any screen or projector with cables and adapters as appropriate.

Watch Keynote Using The Apple Watch For a Presentation With Keynote - -

Once you have that done, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone and Keynote make sure the application is installed on the clock (need Keynote installed on the phone, obviously). Keynote round icon appear on our watch, and if we click on it we set the button to start playing dispositive. No Remote application is not used in this case.

Keynote Watch Using The Apple Watch For a Presentation With Keynote - -

Caution: only have the button to start the presentation and advance operative. If we leave the presentation or want to go back to a previous slide will press strongly in the clock display to view these options.


What if my presentation is on a Mac or iPad?

No problem: make sure your Mac or iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is enabled.

Open Keynote on iPhone and click on the icon remotes. There, click Devices. From there we can add a Mac or an iPad, provided that the option of allowing remote controls is enabled on these devices. In the Mac we will find it in Keynote Preferences …

Keynote Preferences Using The Apple Watch For a Presentation With Keynote - -

… While in iOS will be found in the menu Tools (the wrench icon to see with an open presentation)>Presentation Tools > Allow remote control :

Keynote Ipad Using The Apple Watch For a Presentation With Keynote - -

As you see, the idea is to use the iPhone as a bridge : the phone will handle the presentation running on your Mac or iPad, but we will use the Apple Watch it is linked to the phone. Usually, we will not fight with any settings, just keep in mind that Bluetooth is on and everything is connected to the same Wi-Fi.

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