What is Video Codecs and where to download it? – Explanation


Today for multimedia entertainment has been a rapid evolution in multimedia content, that is why codecs can reproduce these formats and also continue to progress steadily

Video compression has allowed the public to bring it closer to the benefits of digital video, from MPEG 1 to HD videos from the new cameras.

Among the most famous codecs are Divx and Xvid, the first was the one that allowed compressing several hours of video with acceptable quality inside a DVD, the quality of this codec has been endorsed by DivxNetworks and is constantly updated and the second is a Alternative Open-Source, a twelve free distribution that can be accessed the source code and can be downloaded from www.xvid.org.

Having the codecs in constant development we are in need of downloading new codecs from time to time.
There is also another option to avoid downloading codec packs for our player and that is the VLC media player, which is being a free alternative that can play a lot of multimedia files of both DVD, Audio, CD and a lot of other Protocols highly recommended, below the download links.

  • Download VLC media player and codecs:
    • http://sourceforge.net/projects/vlc/files/2.0.0/win32/clv-2.0.0-win32.exe/download
  • Free Download Divx for Windows here:
    • http://www.divx.com/
  • Free Download Xvid Windows here:
    • http://www.xvid.org/
  • Free Download Adobe Flash Player Here