Video Marketing: How To Increase The Visibility Of Your Brand With Youtube

video-marketing Video Marketing: How To Increase The Visibility Of Your Brand With Youtube -

Youtube is the largest video sharing website, with more than 800 million monthly visits. If you are a business or brand owner, and looking to promote your business and brand through internet, you can not ignore this powerful tool. YouTube gives you the opportunity to retain the fans of your brand and make yourself known to potential customers, so it will make your brand more known. In addition, you can use YouTube to stay in touch with the public, and keep you informed of the plans and future products that will bring your company to the market.

Uploading a video and share it on YouTube is easy, but to be successful you must go one step further. Of course, the first step is to create a YouTube account and then you must pay attention to the following instructions:

1. Customize your YouTube channel

To create a brand experience on YouTube, the first thing you should do is to customize your channel with attractive themes and suitable modules, as your channel will be your profile page and to upload all your videos and where you will share your public information. Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a custom theme with the same colors you use for your brand. YouTube offers some default themes, but it is advisable to upload your own background image and change the color, to match the style of your brand. This will make your channel and brand more credible. And also to insert your brand logo as in AVA or Favicon.
  • Create playlists to organize your content. Playlists let you organize the contents of the channel into a number of groups, this makes it easier to navigate and promote content. In addition, playlists are also the place to pick up your content, and decide whether your featured video plays automatically when people visit your channel. Createing playlists will help your audience to easily find what they want and find it easy as they will be with subjects.

2. Make videos fully functional

The most important thing for your video work, is to be quality videos, that add value to your community and have a professional finish. For this we recommend that you hire a professional freelance to create content for your channel if the video is good, it will be promoted virtually alone. For this, you should make sure you know what your audience needs, and offer videos designed to meet their needs. In this case, the content can include videos are how-to, FAQs, expert interviews, presentations of new products, etc.

In this way, your audience will benefit from the information in your videos, and will have a better impression of your brand and products, and is likely to become your faithful followers.

Video Marketing: How To Increase The Visibility Of Your Brand With Youtube - tinoshare.com3. Make your videos easy to find

YouTube videos should be easy to find. A good position on the search engines can easily lead to high quality traffic to your videos, and so get more people know your brand. For good search results, you must be careful with the following main factors.

  • Put keywords in the first words of the title of your video. For greater effect, adds two points after your keywords and then return to ask them.
  • Add an effective description. Your video should stand out from the crowd. Attempts to determine the type of content you include so other users can find and distinguish it from other videos. It’s a good idea to use descriptive language in complete sentences.
  • It shoud include all keywords in the field tags.

4. Use annotations

Annotations are small colorful sticky notes that stick on all sides of the videos once they are loaded. They are used strategically to increase your marketing efforts in YouTube. To get subscribers, there are 2 effective ways of using annotations.

  • Call to action. Add a note under the subscribe button, so you can access your past and present videos.
  • Click to action. This type of annotation appears at the top of your videos and may include links to other videos, playlists or channels. With them, your audience can subscribe by clicking on an entry inside your video.

5. Maintain contact with your audience

YouTube is an online community, and you should take some time to interact with your audience, and thank those who have sent unflattering comments, answer the questions of those who are not familiar with your brand, and help to solve the problem they may come with. In this way, you can not only increase the number of loyal subscribers, but also get support when needed.

Video Marketing: How To Increase The Visibility Of Your Brand With Youtube - tinoshare.comIn addition, you can also take a few minutes a day to find some YouTube channels that are relevant to your brand, carefully observe their content and leave your own comments.


6. Promote your YouTube channel

To make your YouTube videos visible in as many places as possible in order to gain more traffic, you should take some steps that are necessary for commercialization. Here are some tips to extend the reach of your videos:

  • Promotes videos on your blog/website. Once you have a blog with traffic, every time you add a new video, you must create an entry in the blog to embed the video in the post. Or you can install the YouTube subscription widget to the sidebar of your blog. This will not only increase traffic to your videos, but will also increase traffic to your blog.
  • Post videos on Facebook and Twitter. Set in the configuration of your YouTube account automatic posting your videos on Facebook and Twitter. These platforms attract more audience to your YouTube channel and your followers can share your videos on your social networks more comfortably.

7. Analyze the results of YouTube

To draw a successful marketing strategy, you must set a clear goal and then make a balance according to the results you have achieved. Fortunately, YouTube has powerful analysis tools that let you know the video views, demographics, breeding sites, traffic sources, audience retention, subscribers, favorite videos, etc.

With these statistics you can design a better plan to offer more attractive content and videos to your subscribers.