Vine and micro-video, how to generate valuable content for your customers -
Vine and micro-video, how to generate valuable content for your customers -

Do you watch videos online? Surely the answer is yes, and more and more. This is true that consumers spend more time watching online videos that help us, inform us and make our days easier, and this gives manufacturers a tremendous opportunity to connect with their audience.

The truth is that although we spend more time watching videos, increasingly we prefer shorter videos, and this is where the micro-video start to play a key role in content marketing strategy of a company, that has the challenge of in a few seconds be able to generate a non-commercial content of value to your customers or prospects where networks like Vine, belonging to Twitter, allows you to create videos up to 6 seconds and where there are many companies that join every day use.

The task is not easy, but if it were all brands would, so if you want to bet on it you must first invest in resources that allow you to create that content, and decide how they will deal with, and for that I want to give you some ideas.


What you can speak your mark on Vine?

  • – Offer exclusive content to your Vine followers
  • – Create a teaser of an upcoming product launch
  • – Mini-tutorials direct very practical
  • – Shortened versions of ads that you have made to other media
  • – Relevant news from your company and / or industry


Still unclear on what content generate? Then I want to share with you some videos that generate micro-enterprises in Vine:

Vertele advocates the use of hashtags for users to create their content, in this case under the aegis of the Walking Dead series:

I live with the fear that I see. Rick Grimes newly awakened a Monday


Lacoste plays with creativity and new ideas:


General Electric create practical tutorials, in this case a small tip for cable in the office:

As you can see there are many opportunities that companies can take advantage of the micro-videos.


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