Voxel8 Prints 3D Objects Integrated Circuits

Voxel8 Prints 3D Objects Integrated Circuits - tinoshare.com
Voxel8 Prints 3D Objects Integrated Circuits - tinoshare.com

Voxel8 is the name of a unique 3D printer made a lot of noise early in the year, at which was presented by the hand of the people of Autodesk , which is responsible for providing its expertise in software and design Project Wire, a application designed to create “3D electronic devices.”

What are we talking about? For a system capable of printing objects with the electronics integrated in the process. That is, integrating functional components such as a chip or an LED within a piece that we are printing. Voxel8 can stop printing at the right time for us to place the components necessary and then continue printing plastic.

Printed circuits

Printing two materials simultaneously: conducting plastic material, which form circuits

But not only that, but the head can melt plastic to create the aforementioned object, and at the same time we have another that does the same with conductive material developed for them. We suggest that the definition is able to achieve is ideal for creating circuits.

This enables creating circuits on the workpiece, or in the interior thereof. We enter such an interesting field to explore as can be 3D circuitry .

Its creators boast that the printer can create a motherboard of a computer , and examples that we have created a functional four-helix drone. You have proof in the image below:

Voxel8 Quad Copter 1

But the most interesting thing to come say, and walk in their laboratories working with more heads and materials – silicones, adhesives, ceramics -, operating simultaneously.

A push 12 million

The news today has to do with the injection of money they have received to finish consolidating its team and bring the idea to a level broader than they were having market today. The investment for the company of Massachusetts has been $ 12 million .

Since January, Voxel8 has been saving at a price close to $ 8,500 , with the intention of carrying hand buyers in the month of November. With the money received, it is easier than Harvard researchers come to fruition with the project.