What is VPN for and how it works? – Answered


Today, the VPN connection is explained in the simplest way. First of all, VPN means Virtual Private Network, and its main function is that it allows you to configure a secure extension of the Local Area Network (LAN) over a Public Network Or uncontrolled, such as the Internet, managing to send and receive data such as a Smartphone and a PC with user and password.

This is widely used in enterprises to encapsulate a private IP and connect securely to a public network for an employee to work from home or securely connect to another network.

It is also used to navigate more securely, usually the moment we are using the Internet our connection goes from an “A” point to a “B” point and along the way, intruders can see our activities or even steal the information Or know our IP.

With a VPN, our connection goes from point “A” to point “C” where we become invisible and safely navigate to point “B” With a VPN connection we can navigate without fear in connections that are not very safe, as could be Public wifis connections or airports, however there are still more benefits.

There are many VPN programs that allow you to change your connection and when entering a page does not recognize your region or your IP, this would apply to all connections in and out of our PC, currently browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, need extensions or Programs to achieve this, but Opera is the first browser that has built-in VPN, allowing safe browsing something that does not offer other browsers.

what is VPNSome benefits you can have with a VPN are as follows:

  • -It allows us to connect physically separated networks through the Internet.
  • -A VPN connection allows safer browsing than using a normal connection.
  • -Secure browsing
  • -Works with all connected apps
  • -It connects you from several countries

Disadvantages of VPN:

– Sometimes the sites take a little longer to load because the response time is higher, since your computer communicates with VPN and then the VPN with the site or IP you want to connect.

– Some programs are complicated to configure and sometimes there are problems other than the user, for example, servers that block VPN for security reasons.