WalkCar, the Segway of the future that fits anywhere

WalkCar, the Segway of the future that fits anywhere - tinoshare.com
WalkCar, the Segway of the future that fits anywhere - tinoshare.com

While half of the world debates about the real utility of limited flying skateboard presented by Lexus in the anniversary of Back to the Future, in Japan they just launched their own interpretation of what should be the future Segway: the WalkCar a small electric scooter ideal for cities that fits anywhere.

The invention is the work of young Kuniako Saito and equipment Cocoa Motors, which has presented the world its WalkCar in a funny video which demonstrates the possibilities of the device, which has a similar to a laptop size and despite its name it seems much more like a skateboard to a car.

The WalkCar is made of aluminum and weighs about 2.5 kilos, but it all depends on whether it is a version for use indoors or outdoors. Whatever, it’s a lot tougher than it looks at first sight as the aluminum board supports up to 120 kilos of weight.

This segway future dubbed WalkCar reaches 10 mph and has a range of 12 kilometers when fully charged after three hours. Saito promises that his invention will be able to move people in wheelchairs or overcome steep slopes without any physical effort.

As an alternative to the Segway  one of the great advantages of WalkCar operation appears. The unit starts automatically when it detects someone up to change direction and you just have to adjust your body weight, which thanks to its four wheels seems to be a much more intuitive and natural way that the Segway.

Although probably the best thing is you do not need WalkCar parking spot because you can save anywhere, including handbags and backpacks. Yes, it seems not suitable for all budgets.


The WalkCar arrives in October to Kickstarter to raise funds and may be purchased from $800, according to its creators have announced. The WalkCar the future segway arrived in the spring of 2016.