We Tried Mad Max, The New Shadows of Mordor WB Games

We Tried Mad Max, The New Shadows of Mordor WB Games - Tinoshare.com-blogowebgo.com
We Tried Mad Max, The New Shadows of Mordor WB Games - Tinoshare.com-blogowebgo.com

When one illusions often then come to the disappointments. Or not. Everything seemed pretty in ‘Mad Max’. Since Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment showed its first gameplay weight, with this open world, fighting and racing across the moor, we started salivating with what we expected and the recent film has done nothing but increase this feeling, despite having no relation whatsoever beyond be about Mad Max. And if we add that to date there has been a worrying shortage of games on the trilogy starring Mel Gibson, we both want the last straw for this work of Avalanche (yes, the ‘Just Cause’ ).

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My expectations were, therefore high, but life sometimes gives you pleasant surprises and ‘Mad Max’has been met latter. If I had to bet my kudos to the best surprise of the year I would, without hesitation, this sandbox as achieved last year interestingly another title published by WB Games:’Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’. The competition will be very tough (three days before will the last of Big Boss), but if we think enshrined in the cinema with an adaptation to emphasize in the videogame franchises, I think few best representatives will have to with this ‘Mad Max ‘ Avalanche Studios. Here are my impressions.


If I had to bet my kudos to the best surprise of the year I would, without hesitation, this sandbox as achieved last year interestingly another title published by WB Games ‘Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’.

For the event, get your hands before the game, we have the presence of Magnus Nedfors, design director ‘Mad Max’ (curious detail: he made a brief break in Avalanche Studios to work in the same position in ‘Dead Rising 3 ‘ ), to tell us about the intricacies of this new adventure and all that awaits us.There was, for example, a detail to highlight for those who tire easily with collectibles. As in the wilderness goods scarce, we have to collect scrap from anywhere (which would become the currency of this universe) as fuel for our Magnum Opus. Well, as we have to fulfill missions and allies on our side, we can make the materials they are responsible.

Thus, we have a constant flow of indispensable and we can dedicate more important missions.Though, and explore what’s hot? Because if it is not as big as the island of Panau traveled from beginning to end by Rico Rodriguez world, yes we will have much to do and not be all so deserted as expected, according to Magnus it has also highlighted Nedfors. In fact, it is divided into several regions with unique features in each.


Mad Max, a successful mix of styles

Mad Max

We could only sample a small portion of the map, but enough to know that Avalanche Studios seal is still present. A seal that guarantees fun committed the madness unleashed where anything goes.Anyone who has enjoyed ‘Just Cause’ can buy blindly ‘Mad Max’, that will not disappoint, even though the latter has joined other aspects outside the good of Rico Rodriguez. For example, the fashion of fighting to Batman, but with a touch more explicit. As shown, being able to make a fist combo and finish with a shotgun without margin of error (stuck rival) and sprinkle blood.


Yes colliding at first the willingness of some buttons, such as the use of a weapon (either on foot or by car) with the circle (in the case of PS4, the version we tested), but as always, is a matter of getting used to, and which otherwise is perfect. Anyone tanning bouts will chain Rocksteady Studios Batman blows without breaking a sweat (yes, there are also counter) and be able to perform powerful shots, as the aforementioned shotgun or other many taking advantage of the environment. And here my personal weakness is playing with fire.

Being such a big world and have so much to do, we can see easily and at any time what remains to be done in each area by clicking the left stick.From raw to pick up collectibles or anything else matters.Yes, it does not leave much to the imagination, especially since it is also essential to highlight as we get closer.But after all Avalanche has gone to the practical, even when weight gain material: Skip the animation in which Max throws a flare and the object disappears (because it has already been brought to the base).Imagine doing this again and again, but with the car hook.Nt.


The Magnum Opus, our main safeguard

Mad Max

Given the magnitude and solitude of the moor, having a vehicle is essential. And that’s where Max’s partner, Chumbucket enters. He will be our mechanic and manager of tuning our Magnum Opus as we improve the collecting scrap metal and meeting certain requirements of history. It’s funny because when we travel by car it will go in the back and tell us things about the environment (if we pass some detail) and in turn will repair the vehicle when we stop or we get off of it (never in combat / or running).Without forgetting that also handle weapons or hook (pointing us, of course). In short, a vital ally in the always dangerous wilderness.

I liked a lot, in turn, the two options Magnum Opus:

  • On one side is the vehicle of survival as such, with a consistent management for a place with many surprises and the aforementioned ability to use a varied arsenal. What surprises us a convoy with several rivals on wheels and on both sides? We use the flamethrower (eye with gasoline, which also need to drive) and holy Easter. Or one that has enchanted me throw the hook to a wheel and stops the dead opponent. And be careful with this, not all vehicles have the same tactic to bring them down. Some have special reinforcements and we must find alternatives, such as the rear.
  • Then there is the place where Max was Chumbucket, but now with the Magnum Opus still.There will access the sniper rifle, extremely necessary to enter certain strengths. I used it in one, without going any further, which would not stop to shoot me with bullets and mortars. I finally loaded in the distance, one by one, triggering in turn the source that triggered a flamethrower.Then I went to the driver’s door and made entry into pieces. A perfect assault and another win for Max in Rambo mode.

‘Mad Max’ meets and exceeds both on foot and by car, which is a good sign to see that Avalanche Studios is taking seriously this license. In turn, the setting is perfect and feel right at home and the desire to eradicate SCOTUS domain across the wasteland we have engaged, to be sure, a number of hours. Magnus Nedfors did not want to get wet with an exact figure, but there is no indication that the new set of ‘Mad Max’ we will not repay the most of our purchase.As we look forward.


Platforms: PC, PS4 (discussed version) and Xbox One

Multiplayer: No

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Company: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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