WEpod, the Dutch independent bus | That’s a new start

WEpod, the Dutch independent bus | That's a new start - tinoshare.com
WEpod, the Dutch independent bus | That's a new start - tinoshare.com

Autonomous vehicles are advancing slowly and although there is still to become the norm, testing continues and the Netherlands already have planned the release of an independent bus that is responsible for transporting students to a college campus to the station Nearest train.

Its name is WEpod and is a small electric bus that can carry six people. You can not say it is very fast, as it goes 25 kilometers per hour, but the tests have shown to be able to go the right way and stop in time when an obstacle (a pedestrian, for example) crosses the road.

A modest but well-considered test

WEpod owes its name to the two points that make their way (Ede-Wageningen University and Wageningen). It is a very short ride 11 kilometers, but serves for students of this university take less to make the trip to walk.

The vehicle will operate independently but will have a remote monitoring system to check that everything goes smoothly. If everything goes wrong, a joystick in the vehicle for any of the six persons who are inside can lead to stop in a safe place will be included.

Not very fast, 25 kilometers as we said, but enough to make the journey appointed shortly. WEpod will transit on public roads and not go through any special lane. Of course, if the weather is bad, it is night or jam the vehicle there and the service will not be interrupted.

The project has cost of 3.5 million euros (developed by EasyMile) and the first tests already take place in November when two buses are in place to move students from one point to another.