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The term film has different meanings related to cinema : the recording and display of moving images on a screen. The film, therefore, may be the art and technique of filmmaking.

One who is dedicated to making films is a creator of films. Movies usually consist of telling stories, for which can be appealed to actors playing different characters and whose actions are recorded by cameras. After a process of editing and montage, the film is finished. There are also animated films (with drawings or images created using digital techniques) and documentaries (which record actual facts and not acted or simulated).

According to its characteristics, it is common to distinguish between the commercial cinema (which aims to capture the attention of the mass audience), the auteur (focusing on the decisions of the director) and the experimental cinema (with little or no narrative structure), among others.

A set of films is also called the film. Thus, if someone speaks of Iranian cinema, for example, you are referring to all films originated in Iran. The film of Steven Spielberg, meanwhile, is the set of films directed and / or produced this filmmaker.

Cinema, finally, is the name of the physical space equipped with a large screen where movies, which also has projected seats for spectators to sit. Theaters usually offer other services that complement the experience, such as selling candy.

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