What is the starting salary in Microsoft?

What is the starting salary in Microsoft? - tinoshare.com
What is the starting salary in Microsoft? - tinoshare.com

Despite a flat economy in 2009, Microsoft continues as the developer of software and the dominant world supplier. Even with the Vista operating system and replacing reeling the latest platform of Windows 7, the dominance of market of domestic computing Microsoft remains unchallenged. In addition, the Xbox division was profitable in 2008, higher than the Sony better-established company sales in this market. As a result, the company’s Redmond, Washington, persists as a good place to work.



Microsoft is one of the largest employers in the Seattle area and Washington state as a whole. However, the importance of the company is global, with jobs in dozens of countries around the world. This international presence allows Microsoft a significant absorption of talent from many disciplines, which in turn translates into more jobs in his native Redmond and around-usually around 42,000 employees-as well as a large number vendors and support staff.

Administrative works

Starting salaries for administrative assistants at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond were at around US $ 46,000 per year in 2009, temporary and part-time administrative staff compensated about $ 20 an hour. Business managers can expect to earn US $ 50,000 a year, while financial analysts earn about US $ 63,000.


Personal software

As a software company, this is the primary focus of Microsoft and wages are therefore generous compared to market averages-in software development practices earn about US $ 5300 US dollars per month, and the average software developers US $ 76,000 for start-.  Software engineers a little more technical description that “developers” earn a little more-about US $ 80.000-. Hourly rates for software engineers were in the range of US $ 40 to US $ 45, independently or contractor.

Middle management

The positions of project engineer threw an average of more than US $ 88,000 a year, with most veteran programmers earning just over US $ 90,000. Since Microsoft products are fully submitted online in recent years, network engineers and system are contracted further up the pay scale, earning around US $ 95,000.

Hardware jobs

Peripherals and Xbox are a big part of the product catalog of the company, plus all software must pass tests of hardware (equipment) and optimization. This means that people trained in hardware are crucial to Microsoft, and wages are in line -the hardware engineers receive more than US $ 100,000 per year, average-.

Management roles

Marketing managers (marketing) are generally hired with salaries of about $ 110,000 as communication managers and managers associated accounts. Solution senior managers and program managers receive an average of US $ 118,000, while the group product managers can expect to earn around US $ 125,000. Marketing managers earn US $ 155,000 or so, and major software architects are compensated to the tune of US $ $ 183,000. General manager, a role loosely defined by the company as needed, is a title that comes with a salary of US $ 186,000.


Microsoft is a company relatively generous, with starting salaries above average in their respective categories. However, salary increases do not coincide in time with other companies from that Microsoft prefers stability instead of the aggressive growth of wages. The flip side of this is the generous benefits, including bonuses, retirement plans, travel, meals and expenses. Note that all information in this article refers to Microsoft positions in the state of Washington and the Seattle area.This part of the country is above average in terms of cost of living, which offsets some of the benefits of working for Microsoft. There the cost of living is 45 percent higher than the national average.

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What is the starting salary in Microsoft? - tinoshare.com
What is the starting salary in Microsoft? – tinoshare.com