What is Windows Run and What is it for?


Run in Windows is a function that is used to open processes and applications quickly using commands. To open run just press Windows+R key at the same time. In case you do not know the Windows key Is located on the keyboard between the Ctrl key and Alt or Fn and Alt

As I explained when pressing those two keys at once will open execute. It is a small window in which it shows you a field to write the command you want to execute. After typing, press ENTER or click on accept to execute that function.
Picture showing run

What can we use to run Windows?

The commands that you can put in execute are many since everything in Windows has an access through a command, for example, if you want to open Programs and Features in you can write appwiz.cpl in run and press ENTER and it opens it for you. Which is more efficient and faster than giving clicks by the Windows options to get there.

Another situation that usually happens is that we want to open a program or reach a configuration and do not know where it is, a solution is to open that you are looking to run. Obviously, you should know the command to access there.

At first, it is usually uncomfortable, but after you get used to it you realise that it is better to accede to certain programs and functions than to manually search them. Something interesting to know is that Run is available in all versions of Windows and is always used in the same way.

The most used commands

  • mspaint –  To open Microsoft Paint.
  • ncpa.cpl –  To open network connections.
  • appwiz.cpl –  To open Windows programs and features.
  • CMD –  MS-DOS command prompt.
  • Explorer –  Open the Windows Explorer when it is terminated by some system failure.
  • Iexplore –  Internet Explorer.
  • Control –  Control Panel.
windows run commands
windows run commands Accessibility Controls – access.cpl Accessibility Wizard – accwiz Add Hardware Wizard – hdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove programs – appwiz.cpl Adobe Photoshop – photoshop Automatic updates – wuaucpl.cpl Bluetooth Transfer Wizard – fsquirt Calculator – calc Check Dist Utility – chkdsk Clipboard viewer – clipbrd Command Promt – cmd Control Panel – control Device Manager – devmgmt.msc

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