What type of person you are? The Illustrations Describes It Perfect


Have you ever saw a person who is doing something that is not really what you were expecting? Or maybe he does it in a different way but you suggest the other way? Well, here are the illustration that simply describes of Two Kinds of people.

Indeed, these illustrations talk about who is lazy and who is not. Who is greedy and who is not. Who is smart and who is not. It’s not about offending someone but simply make fun of it and improve to the better way of living. I would suggest these illustrations to be taken as a lesson of improving and at the same time see and check which one of them you are.

Pretty amazing as coming to such idea is not in every in people’s mind. We know psychology and other science that describes a human but this simple Illustration is simply describes a 2 types of human.






Are you probably closer to the right one or the left one?

How did you find this Illustration for yourself?