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Who invented the telescope? | Find it out Here - tinoshare.com
Who invented the telescope? | Find it out Here - tinoshare.com

The story about who invented the telescope has not been entirely clear and indicates that there are several possible candidates.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the telescope has been one of the most significant inventions of recent times. But about its origins they have written many stories, because that fails to be clear who is really their creator. There are many theories that point to several possible inventors and that is just what we are going to speak, yourselves may be able to draw specific conclusions about who you think he is the real inventor of the telescope.

Hans Lippershey

The most widespread thought indicates that the inventor of the telescope was Hans Lippershey (1570-1619), a German scientist who specialized in astronomy and performing continuous work in the field of manufacturing lenses. It issued patent for the telescope and in a period of a few days they began to arrive other patents of the same invention. It can be said that if Internet had existed at the time, surely the debate would have been trending topic on the major social networks.

His designs for the telescope were recorded in history and a public model was first used since 1608. The Galileo Galilei himself used Lippershey the original design for his own telescope, which was attributed greater recognition. However, there are many doubts about the work he did Hans Lippershey. It was not a recorded where he learned to work with glass and no record is very clear where did the inspiration for the telescope. One theory is that the children of Lippershey were those who gave him the idea while playing with lenses that were broken. Other sources say that Hans Lippershey saw the idea and another scientist who stole it.

Zacharias Janssen

The plot thickens in the same period. Another theory suggests that the invention was actually the work of Zacharias Janssen (1588-1638) and that he copied it Hans Lippershey . The problem is that Janssen was late to file the patent, no more and no less than two weeks after he did the other scientist.

In general, depending on the source we use, we will hear one or another story related to the part played by Janssen in the invention of the telescope. There is much confusion about the dates, if I could have invented the telescope with his age and then over time your child made statements that did not help anything to verify the data. On the other hand, were records of dishonest practices Janssen in other aspects, such as currency counterfeiting, which led to think that was the least likely candidate regarding the creation of the telescope.

Jacob Metius

Jacob Metius (1571-1630) is another of the candidates, surrounded by controversy and debate. It was also Dutch and, as Janssen, came late to apply for a patent for his invention. The authorities responded with a negative, indicating that his invention was too simple and could not be registered . He fought for the patent and said that if he received sufficient budget could create a much better than he had previously presented Hans Lippershey telescope. Still, she did not answer he sought. If you received income from the use of some of their ideas and designs with binoculars based telescope that came to provide sufficient income with which to live.This production was commissioned Hans Lippershey own, so everything was somehow a family.Invention of the telescope

Before passing Metius decided to leave a written testament in which, as a last will, decided that all his inventions were destroyed.His intention was that nobody could take credit for the work he had done independently. He never got to have a good reputation and testified that he had not invented anything, but bought all the children of Zacharias Janssen (which causes the ball to return back to their country).

Juan Roget

Recent research complicate the story further. The result of research Nick Pelling has been discovered that it is possible that all ideas telescope went abroad to proceed, in fact, Spain. The theory is that the invention of the telescope was really Juan Roget, a citizen of Gerona who also worked on creating lenses and could have met any of the other inventors or even all in view of the professional sector they shared.

Although information is lacking about everything that happened at the time, there is some evidence that state that Juan Roget did provide inspiration to other inventors. It is said and it even published in some sources, the scientist Juan Roget , who already at the time was old, met with at least one expert in glasses like him, to whom he presented the telescope, his invention . The idea had not been patented and may return to their country, other inventors decided to get to work on similar models that could present as soon as possible to the patent office. Hans Lippershey may be just the first winding and submit it before.

This research is inconclusive in the sense of receiving confirmation, since no true evidence pointing to it, but missing documents or testimonies that help to confirm. A will in which he referred to something that could be a telescope could serve, but has not been a significant test. Therefore, the investigation begun by Nick Pelling in 2008, but has helped to have another theory about what might have happened, it is not defining in any way.

And today the story about who invented the telescope continues in the same way, without an absolute answer that allows us to know who was really responsible. Hans Lippershey? Zacharias Janssen? Jacob Metius? O Juan Roget?