Who Invented Volleyball? | Find it out here | Invention & Documentary Movie

Who Invented Volleyball? | Find it out here | Invention & Documentary Movie - tinoshare.com
Who Invented Volleyball? | Find it out here | Invention & Documentary Movie - tinoshare.com

The origin of the sport is far less impressive in every way. First, because if we investigate we can find that their origins are not so far in the past as we might imagine. Second, because the stories that have stuck about what happened are more interesting. Alongside them they were immortalized various names without which perhaps the sporting world would not be as varied as it is today. Or his ideas have run out happening to others?

William G. Morgan was its creator

A few days ago we talked about who invented basketball and we can not avoid referring to this article because there are many points in common. One of them is at the time, since both sport popularized by the NBA like volleyball originated in a similar time. Another reason is that the inventor of both sports was a physical education teacher in the two cases. A logical aspect, since it was they who spent more time looking for new ways to encourage students to practice their sport. What is most curious is that both teachers had reached relationship and work together, as I discuss later.

In the case of volleyball, its creator was William G. Morgan, an American born in 1870 who invented the sport while he was working at the YMCA (YMCA) of Massachusetts, more precisely in the area of Holyoke.

Although born in Niagara Falls near recognizable that have become tourist attraction for people around the world, his family came originally from Wales, UK. He began working in the family business, specializing in the construction of boats. But it was clear that this would not be the ultimate future of Morgan. Over time he became football player and this led him to have contact with James Naismith, who as you may know, was the inventor of basketball (although at a later date). The occasion for which he was recruited to participate Naismith at Springfield College who had organized the YMCA of Massachusetts.

The link with the YMCA Morgan served to settle in the organization and begin to take root in this sporting aspect of your life. It was first twelve months in Maine and then decided to head Holyoke, where would reach its greatest achievements. By then his former colleague, James Naismith, had invented basketball, and the sport was in the process of expansion of an absolute form.

However, there was something that Morgan did not quite convince him of basketball. Without intending to detract from the work done by Naismith, in his classes tipño Morgan he was looking for a sport that was minor contact. Although Naismith had always argued that the invention of basketball was the answer to create a lighter sport in terms of the relationship and contact between the opponents, Morgan was still seeking something even more simplified in that case. That was how he continued to work to think of something that could provide the same level of fame that came with the invention have Naismith Basketball.

While thinking of ideas that take advantage of this new sport, he married Mary King Caldwell in 1983. It soon had their first child a year later. And in 1985, his family life was developing successfully, receiving another child, made a presentation of their own sport: volleyball.

He was born volleyball

Morgan said that to shape the sport had decided to consider details of other sports that had already been created, combining their way in a personal way. He took elements of basketball, how could it be different in view of its increasing popularity. It was also inspired by the Court, in badminton and handball. There was a lot of implicit references that did not dampen the good result that left the presentation of the sport. He decided that the sport received the name Mintonette, but was later changed something. Among the initial characteristics of sport factor can only be practiced in indoor places was.

Who Invented Volleyball? | Find it out here | Invention & Documentary Movie - tinoshare.com

From here, though Morgan has always been highly regarded by the invention of the sport, the teacher failed to develop a path linked to it. The last part of his professional life working in the occupied stall selling companies, a position he held with skill and dedication, but it will alienate the sports environment. He lived until 1942, which prevented him from attending the formation of the International Volleyball Federation, since this took place five years later. Nor could he have a record of the first world, which played a few years later, both male and female variant.

The inventor of volleyball could not witness the adoption sport officially in the Olympic Games. Although the United States to submit an official demonstration in 1924, in the Summer Olympics in Paris, it was not until 1964 when he joined permanently. He had spent a lifetime between his invention and its confirmation as an Olympic sport.

An increasingly popular sport

Volleyball is a clear demonstration that some sports require more time than usual to spread across the world have popularity. Today it has come to have much fame, but has been through a comprehensive effort of many, many people. Volleyball has also resulted in various alternative versions , such as the beach or tournament in which you compete without clothing, the latter variant popular in the nudist areas.

Although it has not become as famous as football or basketball, volleyball is a sport that deserves to be taken into account by all sports fans.

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